Swimming Lessons are an interesting band.  Not only is their brand of emo-y tinged pop punk different to a lot of the cookie cutter stuff that’s floating around the scene at the moment but  also because apparently, on a recent trip to Barcelona, “3/5 of Swimming Lessons could do with actual swimming lessons!”

Only three of our members can actually swim!”

Swimming Lessons are a band that have known each other for a long time.  Most of them have played in multiple bands together and this seems to show in their on stage performance and work ethic.  “I think we’ve all matured both in our writing abilities and as friends, and I feel like the bond between us all is detectable on stage. It makes for a fun dynamic.”   Sam told us when we asked him about this, “It feels like these were the circumstances and the art that all our individual ventures have been leading up to. It just feels right. And I’m loving every second.”

This doesn’t mean it’s all easy however, “I think it takes a band a while to really cut their teeth and really appreciate what it means to live and breathe this stuff. I hate to think what we looked like when we first started playing together so many years ago, but we had a drive and a love for music, which much later blossomed into Blind Eye. I feel like we’ve honed our craft massively and, most importantly, it’s still as exciting as it was on day one. If people
can have half as much fun at shows as we do then it’s job well done.”

They’re a band that have their morals too.  They didn’t choose their genre because of a phase of music that the world is going through or because it’s big at the moment they prefer to, “have a range of things in the mixing pot we always write as a straight up rock band. Trends and fashionable bands always come and go and I think if you write music to fit in to these trends then you’re not doing yourself or the catharsis of music any justice. Good music should be what’s in your head, bashed out on your instrument.”  All of this was punctuated by a single:  “Rock and Roll!”

With their new EP gaining a reaction that was “overwhelming and nothing but positive,” it’s going to be amazing to see where Swimming Lessons are going to push themselves in the next year.  Especially a band that has the mentality that “whilst you plan for absolutely everything, at the same time you have to go where the wind takes you. Be content in your current situation and have faith in your music.”

“There’s a lot of moving pieces at the minute but we’ve got some super exciting
things cooking up behind the scenes. We’ll be hitting the road and playing as much
as we can. Expect more mayhem in 2017 and keep your eyes peeled.”


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