“I’d go with melodic metal I guess, a proggy touch with a bit of pop rock..kinda……” laughs Sertraline guitarist, Mike. That’s not the usual description you’ll find bands using these days when trying to communicate what exactly their sound is, but then again Sertraline isn’t just another band.

They’re theatrical in their performance, heavy in the breakdowns, and all too pleasuring when it comes to pop records, but that’s what’s been making them climb the UK scene like no one else, securing opening slots with the likes of Butcher Babies. “There are mixed feelings in a way,” ponders Mike when asked about the band’s success thus far. “ We’re hugely proud of what we’ve done so far, and we’ve enjoyed each step of the way, but we’ll always know that there’s so much further to go and so much more to do, our list of ambitions doesn’t get any smaller.”

Having only formed in 2014 in the once forgotten British city of Stoke, Sertraline have toured relentlessly, the bread and butter of a modern day band whether you’re big or small.

“Being in a band in itself is not a difficult thing to achieve…”

“This probably depends on how you look at it; being a band in itself is not a difficult thing to achieve

(instruments and tuition are more widely available than ever), but if you want to be a touring and recording band that hopes to grow and grow as time goes on, then it’s
as easy or hard as you make it. If you enjoy the journey, the work is hardly work at all! It’s also fairly important to make sure the financial aspect never overshadows the musical aspect – without the music, none of it matters, but it can often be the most stressful part.” And while it’s been a bumpy ride at times for the band, they’re outlook continues to be an optimistic one, especially in a time where more and more bands are deciding to throw their hat into the ring. “Our outlook has changed over the last year and a half though, after having to replace two members and stop working with a particular manager, we’ve become a much stronger group of people.”

And now with having put out two EPs, touring the UK circuit, and with the release of their debut ‘mini album’ only around the corner, the band’s ambition to grow…even to a universal size. “I like the idea of playing a galactic festival though. Get them alien event planners on it!.”



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