With early 2000’s heavy weights like Thrice and Brand New dropping new records and the meteoric rise of Basement and Moose Blood it’s no suprise that emo is making a firm comeback.

One band we believe will join those ranks is Pushing Daises, hailing from Bristol the boys have been making a name for themselves touring the UK. “We think it’s so important to get out as much as possible, not only do you get to play music every night to new people, but you meet loads of new people who can help your band in more ways than you think. You also learn things you wouldn’t even think about learning about,” comments vocalist Roberto Martínez-Cowles..or better known as Bert.

The growing Uk DIY scene has given many bands an opportunity, but it can also lead to some more broader views… “It is and it isn’t good. It’s great that everyone is so intertwined with each other so we can all support one another, but when it gets too tight knit then it feels like other bands are part of so called ‘scene’ and it gets a bit shit.”


“You meet loads of new people who can help your band in more ways than you think. “

But while there will always be some serious concerns for a new band, especially in a time like this, Pushing Daisies can be renowned for their tongue in cheek sense of humour. After all not many bands go on stage each night and tell the crowd that they have a song about Phil Collins being there for them more than their dads…. “Its important to take your band seriously otherwise you will have no push to progress,” continues Bert. “But you have to make sure you have fun otherwise there is no point in carrying on.”

For a band who plays with a DIY backdrop sporting the words, ‘Stay Sad’, Pushing Daisies is by far one of the most refreshing, emotive, fun and ambitious young bands to be entering the circuit, let alone leading skateboard in hand the new UK grunge movement. So what did the band have to say when it came to describe themselves and their work thus far? “Like a McDonalds BBQ Chicken Legend – Sweet and Meaty.”

Stay Sad is out now. 




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