Hailing from Glasgow Scotland, The Lafontaines are quite unlike anything we’ve ever seen, we can’t really describe it and neither can the band – “We wouldn’t even try to describe our sound. It’s way too hard to describe something that doesn’t exist, you end up either overselling it or underselling it – neither of which is good for anyone.” comments vocalist Kerr.

The band are proud of their roots “We all come from working class backgrounds, finance (or the lack of) has been something that has played a part in our everyday lives from the day we entered the world. We wanted to write a record which was honest and true to ourselves”.This was something that the band felt struck a chord with their fanbase – “Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) thousands of other people feel the same, so it connected with the people it was intended for.”

“We all come from working class backgrounds…”

Despite their financial woes the band have archived a notable amount of success in both their hometown and further afield trying to touch down on some of their best moments. They commented “The first time we toured Europe or went to America was absolutely insane for us. We come from a small town, so for people to be willing to pay money to come see us so far from home still blows our minds.”

“Going from playing the smallest stage at T In The Park to playing the main stage the following year was pretty class” he chuckles, and it’s not just the music that has taken them globally. “We just wanted to make something as visually entertaining as we could. Again, we had no real budget to make the video for ‘King’ to happen – but with the amazing team of people we’ve built around us and some great deals on SkyScanner we just headed for the most foreign place our money would allow. The concept sort of just grew from there. We managed to film the remaining shots back home at our national rugby stadium Murrayfield, blagged the pilot cockpit shot by just chancing our arm, and sourced some choppers from various mates around Glasgow. We also got arrested and detained for a full day whilst filming it in Morocco – but let’s not get into that.”

There you have it. The Lafontaines.




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