Ambition. It’s such a key thing in any industry. It’s the driving force behind success, the engine room that pushes you towards achievement.  Sometimes, it can be the only thing that sets you apart.

“there is a unique sense of belonging and community that comes with the genre”

‘I’d love to step up our game,’ says Kieran Hyland, frontman of pop-punkers Coast to Coast. A post-University band formed in Birmingham. ‘I want to be taken seriously by some of the bigger names in the industry. Opening some cool festivals would be ideal, things like slam dunk and 2000trees.’

It’s fighting talk from a band that is as new and underground as they come. It’s the sound of ambition and it will serve them well. Kieran’s band mates, guitarists Alex Edge and Josh Taylor, bassist Zak Taylor and drummer Jake Oseland are sat with us. They’ve recently released their second EP The Length of A Smile. A banging completion of raw pop-punk that has already seen them gain numerous support slots and allowed to find a well-deserved space in their local scene.

‘I think there is a unique sense of belonging and community that comes with the genre,’ continues Kieran, referencing the bands pop-punk sound, one that hits between The Story So Far and Boston Manor. ‘Everyone is friends with each other. The bands in the genre are also really supportive which is great for up-and-coming bands.’

Whilst ambition can only get you so far Coast To Coast have a lot more to offer. Namely their incredible live shows, which have seen them fill basement venues, playing consistently to small, but dedicated, crowds. ‘You can make an amazing piece of music in a studio but if you can’t step up your game when playing live it’s hard to get noticed.’

‘You need a balance,’ counters Alex. ‘Playing shows is great for getting your name out there, but if there’s no music for them to find after the show then I think it’s a missed opportunity!’ Their words speak volumes about their attitude, dedication and hard work. Whilst superstars hissy-fit over coloured M&M’s, Kieran, Alex and co are grafting in the sweaty dark rooms of small venues.

“Seeing like four or five unfamiliar faces at our shows is the best”

‘It feels so weird that we are getting noticed, it may not massive attention but seeing like four or five unfamiliar faces at our shows is the best,’ he laughs. It’s a true reflection of where the band are and where they can go, the humble and genuine incredulity of building up ones fan base from absolute zero. In fact the band have already hit some serious milestones, supporting both The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Boston Manor.

‘They’re a band all of us have been out clubbing to; shamelessly belting out the lyrics for years so to be supporting them is weird.’ says Zak.

It’s weird but it’s good and it’s a sign of a band doing and achieving things that they never though they would, it won’t be long before more success and, hopefully, more material, follows.

‘We’re not really sure what shape our next release will take at the moment,’ says Alex when asked about the possibility of a full-length release. ‘But we’re writing for it now, we have been for quite a while, I can’t wait to get new music out.’



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