From dressing in spacesuits and taking influence from 90s space rock, ‘UK MUM / Cheese and Wine talk’ and a name taken from early morning teleshopping.  You can tell that Autumn Diet Plans are a band that are here to take everything seriously.

“Who wants to dwell on being sad? In the terrible times of 2016 people don’t want more morbid music, we definitely need more bands with a sense of humour.”

“Modern day grunge bands tend to be really sad, stripped back to basics and we’re just not that. We don’t really like to label ourselves as a grunge band because of all the connotations that grunge in this day and age comes with.”

But how exactly could a band manage this in such a day and age? Well, the answer is obvious, “by having a laugh, not taking ourselves to seriously and listening to Tears for Fears.”

As a primarily DIY band however they have to “put in a lot of hard work writing and recording and booking shows and tours to play and once that’s out of the way we can have a laugh with it.”

“Who wants to dwell on being sad?

“The four of us are best mates and spend most of our time together so we feel that our lives aren’t separate from the band if anything funny happens in our day to day lives you’ll more than likely see it on the bands social media, I guess this is why people like us because they feel like they know us as well as us making good music!”

This was how the Facebook page ‘UK MUM Cheese and Wine talk,” a place for all mothers to come together to have a chat with similarly minded mothers, was born.  Autumn Diet plans claim that this is “Joni and Lew’s inside joke gone viral, just a homage to that middle aged mum that everyone has on Facebook!” but as we all know, a mother’s cheese and wine is no laughing matter.

Getting back to the band, “Joni is pretty much our booking agent and manger and we do alright from that. We don’t have to be picky about the shows, we can play in someone’s kitchen, or we can play a 500 capacity sold out venue supporting one of our favourite bands and the decision is ours.”

“Turnover was a weird one, last time they were in Nottingham we got chatting to them and gave them a copy of the Red/ Yellow EP, and we just checked our emails one day and they said they wanted us on support which was crazy! We’ve all grown up watching our favourite bands at that venue so it was amazing to finally play it. Every band starts out supporting bigger bands so I feel local supports and giving opportunities to smaller bands is essential to help bands grow.”

“Supporting new and local bands is so important to helping them grow, not just in popularity but also it gives bands motivation to think my band is really good, and we should make this happen! The four of us are always going to local shows and looking out for new bands in Nottingham. It’s just knowing that the bands with the most likes aren’t the best it’s the bands with good people in them making good music who are.”

“Nottingham is a really good place to be a band, and just a good place to be if you like music really. The venues are really good, there’s always a show to go to and enough people like music in the city across so many different genres that there’s rarely a quiet show.”

With a new album in the works and as they continue to play shows, what more could you expect from Autumn Diet Plans.   The band has decided to not set their sights too high though plotting world domination, a record label with Sony to sell 50 million records and to pick up trendy drug habits.. Good luck?


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