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RATING: 3/10 

Change is either good or bad, so for Tonight Alive which one will it be? 

Australia may be really hot, sunny and sticky right now but when it comes to the Aussie rockers in Tonight Alive they have really cooled things down with their new album ‘Limitless’. An album full of ambient chords and dreamy synths that will send a chill down your spine and goosebumps on your neck, only making you wish you were sitting in that warm Australian sun with a cool refreshing beverage. Its unlike anything the band have released before and is far from the energetic Tonight Alive that we grew to love, with not a whiff of the pop punk pizza flavouring we all devoured or the awesome riffing guitars.

Three tracks into the album you are hit in the feels by the emotional pop ballad ‘Human Interaction’ which is a deeply passionate and emotional track with beautifully written lyrics that compliments the stunning vocals of lead singer Jenna McDougall. The chorus of ‘Human Interaction’ is a catchy one that stands out from all the eleven tracks on the album, so good luck getting that melody out of your head. Tracks like ‘Waves’ and ‘The Greatest’ are real pop, singer songwriter tracks that you can imagine being covered by young inspiring vocalists all other the world. Jenna’s Vocals are impressively on point throughout the whole album but unfortunately you feel let down by the lack of energy from the rest of the band.

Don’t get us wrong Limitless is a well constructed album but it is lacking the main drive that made Tonight Alive what they were. This album would be more suited for the winner of a talent show like American Idol or The Voice, with its over produced drums, synths and melodies that, at times makes you think, Kelly Clarkson is that you? You can really get a PVIRS/Linkin Park influence vibe from the album and maybe thats the mainstream direction TONIGHT ALIVE are going for, however the album as a whole lacks the punch and drive that Tonight Alive once held so firmly in their hands. It seems

Tonight Alive have changed their genre from release to release so who knows what is coming on the next release, maybe Jenna will go for gangster rap.

WORDS: DOM LITTLER | ‘Limitless’ is out now via Sony



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