ARTIST: MUNCIE GIRLS Muncie_Girls_-_From_Caplen_To_Belsize__Digital_cover_


RATING: 8/10 

The latest instalment from Muncie Girls called From Caplan To Belsize immediately has a garage sounding production to it, made very evident by opening track Learn In School which feels very welcoming and easy on the ears with well written and executed vocal lines by frontwoman Lande Hekt. The entire body of work is very well put together and like in a clock all the cogs are working in fantastic harmony to produce a fantastic sound that encompasses all that is great about punk rock music. One thing is for sure, Muncie Girls show a lot of potential and this is just one chapter in hopefully the long running career of a great band.

WORDS: MIKE POTTER | ‘From Caplan To Belsize’ is out now 



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