RATING: 9/10 

British based grunge party Milk Teeth are back with a new EP and a promise of a second one being released sometime later this year.  This EP is called ‘Be Nice’ and we don’t think there’s any arguments as to why that could be.  They’re a band that have always preached positivity and we, along with a lot of other people love them for it. Over the years that they have been on our radar Milk Teeth have never lost any of their punch and we’re proud to say that this is never been more evident on Be Nice.  It opens with the track ‘Owning Your Okayness’ which is almost a love song when you think about it.  Thankfully it’s not soppy in anyway and almost hints at something darker.

“Thankfully it’s not soppy in anyway and almost hints at something darker…”

‘Prism’ takes the EP in a completely different direction however, telling someone to ‘spit my name out from your mouth.’  This song has a darker and more snarling tone.  The discordant guitars reverberate around you and it makes you think of the 90s, as Milk Teeth are want to do. The third song, and highlight of the album EP is called ‘Fight Skirt.’  This is the most punky offering from the group, it thrashed through it’s two minute run time, both making it feel longer and shorter at the same time.  It’s a song that grabs you by the throat and this is by no part of the imagination a bad thing.

Slowing things down is the next song ‘Hibernate.’  It’s an acoustic song that builds and builds, it closes the thematic of the album nicely.  A song of a love lost, that breaks out into noise halfway through the song with joltingly loud guitars breaking you from the trance that the opening section left you in.

If you were a person that was coming to Milk Teeth for the first time and this was the first thing that you heard then it might be the best starting point.  It has all the parts that make Milk Teeth a great band shortened into four easy to digest songs.  It showcases the bands song writing ability along with their aggressive punky side, their inherently 90s rock side, their super grungey side and their slow side.  They’re a band that are hard to pin down pinning themselves down in four songs.


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