ENTER SHIKARI decided to drop by DEEZER head quarters in Paris, France, for an impromptu live set whilst on their “The Mindsweep Europe Tour“. The 50 minute set consisted of recent Shikari hits from their tour as well as their newest single, “Redshift“, accompanied by reworked and revamped versions of “Anaesthetist” and “There’s a Price on Your Head” with a David Byrd twist to sweeten the deal.

Front man Rou Reynolds had this to say about the session:

“It was great to be able to get live versions of these tracks down in a controlled environment. Records from live shows are often marred by the frenetic nature of the show situation, so it was a bit of a pleasant novelty to be able to record this stuff live while standing a bit more still. Hopefully the audio results will make up for the folks in the room not getting to see Rory C fall over”

The track-list is available today worldwide as a free stream from Deezer, which you can check out HERE!! You can glance over the track-list of the session below (as if you need more convincing!):

1) The One True Colour

2) The Last Garrison / No Sleep Tonight

3) Radiate

4) There’s A Price On Your Head (Live ‘Danny Byrd’ Remix)

5) Torn Apart

6) Dear Future Historians

7) Redshift

8) Anaesthetist (Live ‘Reso’ Remix)

9) Constellations


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