Asif Kapadia is well known for his explicit critically acclaimed documentary released last year “Amy” denoting the life and breakdown of one of the worlds most talented artists. Kapadia didn’t spare the details of the troubled singers life including her constant battle to fight alcoholism and drug addiction, exposing the brutal off camera life of Amy Winehouse. His latest task creating a film on Oasis is proving to have some bumps with its content.

Despite having full access to archives of footage, the full story behind the bands actual life off stage will not be shown if Noel Gallagher has anything to do with it. Kapadia’s Amy documentary although ground breaking and raw, didn’t use any actual footage of the singer taking part in any illegal activity, this posses a problem for Kapadia’s latest project.

In an interview, Gallagher said, ” We have all this footage from behind the scenes leading up to the gigs, most of which can’t be used as there’s just monstrous drug taking.” which with drug fuelled content drives a complication for what footage the Gallagher brothers have which is acceptable for cinema use. The film is set to unite the two brothers to give both of their statements of their rise to success with the helps of director Mat Whitecross, who directed the Stone Roses “Spike Island” film back in 2012, piecing the puzzle together.


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