Well it’s safe to say that amongst all the big hitters and influential bands that have come along in recent decades there aren’t many that come close to the name of New Found Glory, a band who in 2017 is celebrating an astounding 20 years of brilliance. Over the years they have cemented themselves as one of the leading lights of pop-punk, helping to craft and latterly hold up a scene that is one of the strongest today. We caught up with the Floridian rockers to see just how it feels to be two decades into a career.

“. “We’ve all made countless sacrifices in our personal lives…” – CHAD GILBERT 

One thing that instantly stands out with these guys is just how much they adore being in a band, playing and writing music all year round for so long. It’s also apparent that this level of success is not taken lightly and these guys know where they’ve come from. “We’ve all made countless sacrifices in our personal lives throughout the years and have put in many hours of hard work to get to where we are, and so it’s hard to let almost anything get in the way of success when you can sit back and reflect on what it’s taken to get to where we are now.” It’s great to hear a band acknowledging this sort of stuff and being not only aware of it but completely transparent.

Many will look at bands like NFG from the outside and assume it’s been tough, and yeah it’s an industry where sometimes, things will be tough, but this band seems to be a seriously strong group and aren’t scared to rely on each other. “I feel as though the four of us are able to come together as a strong unit when times are tough to ensure that we push through them and continue to focus on our long-term happiness, which includes continuing to play our music for as long as we can.” It’s a testament to how much can be achieved with impenetrable friendships.


It’s also refreshing to hear a band make no bones about loving their own music. “There’s something special that happens when we all get in a room and play music together, and I believe we would have been just as successful if we started nowadays compared to back in 1997”. It’s a confidence that shines through on everything they talk about. “But no matter what year it is, experiencing New Found Glory both on stage and on record is like nothing else, and that’s a huge reason why we are still around 20 years later.”

Completing the line up for that night was the likes of Neck Deep and Moose Blood, two very different bands that are in many ways descendants of New Found Glory. “Bands like Neck Deep and Moose Blood are helping to keep this genre alive and popular, and they’ve been very respectful in saying that our band has been some sort of influence to them throughout the years…we have accepted our place as role models to many of these newer bands.”

It becomes apparent when talking with the guys in New Found Glory that this is a band that revels in the prospect of the future, and are a group of people constantly looking forward to what they can achieve next. That said, with the current batch of anniversary shows, that have NFG playing two albums a night, it shows that this band are the sort of band that love where they’ve come from as well as everyone that effectively got them to this point. “I think that these tours are a great way to allow long-time fans a new experience at NFG shows, and to possibly attract fans back to a concert that hasn’t attended one in a while.”

So, New Found Glory. A band whose passion hasn’t faded since those early days in 1997 and who to this day care greatly about every element of their music down to the awesome new artwork we’ve seen coming out for the new material. “It’s pretty cartoony and definitely a lot more colorful than our last album Resurrection” As for the genre they’ve been so vital in building, well NFG have something to say about that too: “Pop punk is definitely not dying”…





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