A child has reportedly been taken into care by social services as it was revealed that her 21-year-old mother had been successfully groomed by convicted paedophile Ian Watkins while he has been serving his sentence in Wakefield Prison.

The Welsh 40-year-old was once the lead singer of the highly popular rock band Lostprophets. In late 2012, following a drug investigation around Watkins, former accusations (ranging from 2008 – 2012) of possession of child and animal pornography, child abuse, and attempting to groom parents of children as young as one-years-old, surfaced. Watkins plead guilty to these acts, which he once described as ‘Mega Lolz’ in a text message. Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison.

It seems that Watkins wasn’t deterred by his sentencing, as it has been revealed that a young girl has been taken into care after her mother, a twenty-one-year-old fan of Watkins, who visited him in prison, was being groomed by the ex-frontman. A fan of Lostprophets since the age of 16, the single mother from Lincolnshire first started writing to Watkins back in 2016.

‘She got a letter back and he said he loved her,’ a friend of the woman revealed. Following letters, she then visited him in November of that year. She allegedly felt ‘scared’ after her meeting with Watkins, discovering that he had put on four stone, his hair had turned grey, and his teeth were rotting. He apparently had also asked her if her daughter ‘came into the room during sex’.

The mother had vowed to never let him have any contact with her daughter. However, it seems that she hadn’t been fully deterred from Watkins, as it was discovered in December that she had continued her communications with him. Police seized her mobile phone and laptop, before taking the child into care.

She has since visited him at least twice. Once in January to inform him of what had happened, and again in March.

Wakefield prison officials reportedly found ‘nothing untoward’ in the young woman’s exchanges with Watkins via letters and emails.

‘We’re sickened,’ said a spokesman from the NSPCC. ‘It’s utterly bewildering that he could carry on grooming. It shows contempt for children he abused, and raises serious questions about supervision.’

We hope that following this, Watkins will be kept under much closer watch, and that there won’t be any cause to mention his name on our website for a very long time.


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