Emmure are the poster boys of resilience. Despite being faced with heaps of controversy and countless lineup changes since their inception in 2003, Emmure are still going strong. “The last 12 months have been amazing in so many different ways”, explains vocalist Frankie Palmeri. “Obviously the band’s in a great place; I’m personally in a great place. Creatively, professionally and personally, we’re really stoked on how things are going. Right now we’re just killing time until the record comes out, which I’m super excited about.”

“It’s mainly about me confronting myself and looking at all of my flaws” – Frankie palmeri

It’s well known in the alternative music scene that Emmure are notorious for their member changes, culminating in the entire band, minus Palmeri, stepping down. However, Palmeri remains certain that the band is as strong as ever. “Honestly it hasn’t impacted us at all. There was obviously some shoes to fill, but I think we’ve more than filled them. The people playing the band right now are easily the most talented people I’ve ever been in a band with. These guys are so good at what they do, to have them as part of this project is such a blessing.”

The lineup changes have been the cause of some controversy between Palmeri and previous members, with one recently releasing a statement claiming that Palmeri was holding the band back. “I don’t talk to any members of Emmure except for the current lineup. I don’t have any comment on that past members have said about me; people will say what they’re gonna say.”

Shortly after four members of Emmure quit after the band’s show in Russia, Emmure released a track called Russian Hotel Aftermath about the breakdown of the relationship between the band members. “The whole record touches on what my life was like during the 16 months in which I had to deal with everything that was going on with the band. I haven’t hid that from anyone at all, there are all sorts of content out there that explains where that song stems from.”

“All the different parts of emotion I’d never want to expose are all laid out…”

Emmure recently released their seventh studio album, entitled Look At Yourself. “It’s mainly about me confronting myself and looking at all of my flaws”, explains Palmeri. “All the different parts of the that I’d never want to expose are all laid out. I’ve stretched the spectrum of emotion very far on this record, talking very low of myself while also displaying my confidence. The focus is on the idea of taking a hard look at yourself and seeing that sometimes the brightest parts of you are sometime ugly, and the darkest parts can be very beautiful…I love music in general, but making aggressive music is really fun for me. I love being able to take experiences and rather than letting them stew in my brain, I turn them into a song, which is more interesting I feel. I love to interpret and make my own spin on things, I’ve been doing it all my life. The scene is really important to me and there’s no better way to stay involved than to create some special music.”

Palmeri also believes the new lineup has been important in stepping the band up. “Having Josh in the band is amazing because he truly sees the value of my ideas and makes them come to life, and vice versa…We had an extensive conversation when writing the record about what Emmure sounds like but I just rely on the feeling I get in my mind when he writes something dope. There are parts of our discography that I’m not a big fan of but I can’t say that about the new record because every single song is a good one, and I don’t think there’s any other Emmure record I can say that about.”

Emmure still get a lot of flack for being a somewhat controversial band, but Palmeri believes that it’s somewhat of a double edged sword, as explained by a track called Free Publicity on the band’s previous record. “People hear about the band but then get this very one-sided view of you, and you don’t get a chance to stick up for yourself. I’ve made my peace with it; if people want to have an agenda towards me then that’s their prerogative. I’m gonna continue to do what I do; I can’t please everybody and not everyone’s going to be a fan.”

“If You’re familiar with the band at all you’ll know that we’ve been doing this for a long time and we’re just gonna keep working hard and killing it. We’ve got a big announcement about a huge tour coming up real soon and we’re just beginning the new album cycle. Anyone out there in the world who hasn’t seen us yet, we’re coming your way.”



05 – LONDON Electric Ballroom
06 – MANCHESTER Academy
07 – GLASGOW Garage|
08 – CARDIFF Tramshed


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