We all know him as that guy who once got parred by Never Shout Never for asking stupid questions. Whilst you don’t want to sit and watch an interview go on for an hour and 29 minutes about the same stuff you can find on the good old internet, also asking band’s what their porn star name is, well it’s just a tad too much at times.

bryan no

So when he decided to call it a day as a ‘music journalist’, what was next for the 25 year old (pay attention to that age) wannabee journo? Well the birth of his latest youtube based venture, My Digital Escape. (We would link you, but we don’t want you to hate us). MDE is populated by modern day under age, (under 18), scene kids, who still think ‘rawrr’ is actually a greeting past the prehistoric age. What’s more concerning, is how he has gone from working with bands his age, to minors, including recently having moved in with fellow MDE member,¬†Johnnie Guilbert, who only recently turned 18. A recent article really highlights how Stars have gone from, well how he’s gone on a downward spiral, and just why we should be concerned. You can read the article, ‘We Need To Talk About Bryan Stars’ here.

ANYWAY if you really want to have a laugh, and also make ¬£5 because we bet you can’t get through this video without cringing, you can watch the scene kid’s new video for, get ready for the originality here….’Shut Up And Kiss Me’, below:

Props to the film maker, gotta love the blue shirt…


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