Sometimes when you’re working at this magazine you hear some things that make you double take.  There are things about bands, new albums that you’re looking forward to and then sometimes it’s ten at night and you hear the words ‘members of No Doubt and AFI have formed a band.’  I have no idea what I was expecting when I first heard DREAMCAR but I don’t think it was the New Wave weirdness that I heard.  There was a lot of something but not a lot of either bands, which if you’ve ever heard anything else Davey has worked on, may not some a surprise.

DREAMCAR has been a project that has been in the works in private for around three years now and they have finally released their first full length LP Kill For Candy.  The band formed out of the member’s wish to keep creating music, ‘when we got together we had no idea what we were going to do, Tom, Adrian and I knew that we wanted to keep playing together. We’ve been playing together for almost thirty years now so it’s something we really enjoy, with a long history and an amazing friendship.

There was always that connection…”

We knew we wanted to keep playing music and Davey kinda came onto our radar and we actually sat down with him and asked him if he would be interested in making music with us.’

The elephant in the room however has to be, how did one of the biggest goth punk bands from the 90s and members of one of the biggest pop rock bands of the 90s end up playing in a band together? “We crossed paths many times at radio festivals and different shows and obviously we’re all from California so there was always that connection.  Then Davey moved down to Los Angeles a number of years ago and I would see Davey at all the same places we went to.

It was all kind of leading up to the moment that we kind of had the epiphany that ‘hey! What if we ask Davey if he want to work on music with us?’  It was kind of a building project but we’ve known eachother for years just being in the same circles and in the music world.’

‘Davey is very prolific he’s always working on music or art and so we knew going into it he has lots of bands, he’s working on his second novel.  He’s a very busy and a very creative guy and we knew that going into it and we’ve been able to work things out logistically so far with good teamwork between our team and his team.  So, so far so good.’


You may have assumed that there may have been some bumping heads in the creation process, what with the two main composite bands but Adrian Young was quick to dispel those rumours.  ‘Our points of reference were very similar and it felt very natural.  Kill For Candy was one of the first four ideas that we sent to Davey and all four of those ideas made it into the final cut of the twelve songs.  We went on to write somewhere between twenty five and thirty ideas and we narrowed it down to the twelve that made the album.

That was about three years ago, he was interested and we sent him a few ideas and he’s a very prolific and quick writer and he came back with some incredible ideas very fast.  We knew something cool was happening but we didn’t want to talk about it, we didn’t want to announce it to the world till we knew that there was gonna be something to talk about.’

While the secrecy may seem odd the band have their reasons.  ‘We really just wanted to be creative for creativities sake so we didn’t really give too much thought about that.  We made a record first and foremost that makes us happy and you hope that people like it and connect with it but you’ve ultimately got to make a record that you’re proud of first and not worry about any of those extraneous factors.’

‘The one thing that we never really talked about was what kind of music we were gonna make, this is literally just us expressing ourselves and being free.  There was kinda a beauty that no one knew about the project because we wouldn’t have any expectations or anyone else opinions it was literally just the four of us making music for music’s sake and enjoying ourselves and being able to express ourselves and being creative and following whatever happened that day.  There was never any conversation about ‘this is the kind of band we’re gonna be,’ what you hear is very pure and organic.’  This pure and unadulterated sound is something that is easy to hear in the album, it’s hard to explain and definitely wasn’t made for everyone.  It sounds like a band that work incredibly well together who are wanting to make music and the way they talk about it it’s obvious that they love what they’re doing.

‘I personally am so close to the album because I’ve been working on it for a few years now that it’s hard for me to have perspective on it.  That’s all left to be seen for us, we’re all so close to it it’s hard for us to be objective.  We definitely had some fun making it so hopefully that comes through.’

This, apparently became a joke for the band creating this record.  They joked that everything seemed easy and it all came together perfectly.  ‘I will say that the process has been nothing but enjoyable, it has been a really really easy and fun process.  We all share the same loves and preference when it comes to music that inspires us.  There have been different phases, the writing phase and then the playing for people and then seeing people’s reactions, assembling a team and then going out and getting a record deal, making a record with the producer.  There’s been many stages of it but one thing I’ll say it’s been easy, there’s never been any big challenges along the way, I don’t know if surreal is the right word but definitely it’s felt very real.’

We’re purposely playing smaller places again to make it like the old club shows”

A question that happens with all bands like these, ‘supergroups’ if you will, is the worry of them being on tour.  A lot of the time they come from a lot of currently touring bands and that means that this work gets pushed to being a studio piece only.  To some this can be a good thing but to fans of live music it’d be hard.  Rest assured that DREAMCAR have no plans to just let this be a studio band.  ‘We actually have our first shows next week [as of writing], we’ve been in rehearsals for the last couple of weeks and we’re doing our first shows in Orange County, here in California.  We’re doing some intimate clubs and for Tommy and myself we haven’t played clubs for many, many, many years so that’s very exciting for us.  Ultimately we’re doing a bunch of warmup shows here in California and then we do Coachella.  We’re about to announce some East coast dates and we’re looking at coming over to Europe in the future.’

What is it about smaller shows that make it so enticing though?  ‘I think just the intimacy, you’re talking about people right there in your face literally a foot away from you.  For Tommy and myself we haven’t had that experience because of more recently playing a festivals and things like that so it’s going to be nice to have those intimate small venues where the energy is just kind of captured.  I think that it’s a really great place to start DREAMCAR we’ve experienced it before and we grew out of clubs and playing clubs for many years before we graduated to bigger venues in our previous band so this is just a great place to start.  We’re purposely playing smaller places to make it like that again, to have a great place to do that.’

There was only one thing left however that stumped them for almost three years, ‘the most difficult thing that we encountered was trying to figure out a name that we all liked or that wasn’t taken already.  It’s difficult pretty much every band name was taken that’s why you see so many bands actually going out and making up words at this point.  That was one of the last things that came together in this whole project was coming up with a name.’

DREAMCAR are here to stay by the sounds of it so you’d better get excited if you’re a fan of any music in general.


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