Here at Discovered, we have yet more exclusive, and rather exciting news. If you were paying much attention to the alt-rock scene early last year, you probably know who Years Young are. Their debut EP Hiraeth, which dropped back in January 2016, was met with wide acclaim, and now they are back with their brand new EP, SWIM, which you can listen to early, only at Discovered.

For those of you who maybe don’t know Years Young yet, they are a four-piece alt-rock outfit from Lincolnshire. The band formed in 2015, and have cited inspiration from such bands as Mallory Knox and Biffy Clyro. You might have caught them on the road at some point, touring alongside such names as Funeral For a Friend, Fearless Vampire Killers and October Drift. Alt-rock fans watch this space, Years Young are certainly a band worth keeping an eye on.

And so, without further ado, Discovered are pleased to present to you all Years Young’s new EP, SWIM!

‘This EP is the story of the last 18 months in our band, highs and lows that we encountered while we had a quiet period of activity,’ the band explains. ‘We have allowed ourselves to write songs that suited themselves rather than trying to get them to sound like us. We let the songs breath and sound the way they sound best, without worrying about them sounding different to each other.’

‘Plans after the release are to gig and gig while writing and recording the next lot of material one song at a time. We want to bring out another larger EP next time but need to plan in the right way to make that happen.’

SWIM will release commercially tomorrow via Spoken Records.


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