Discovered would like to present you the premiere of Youth Salute’s brand new song, ‘Bore’.

Youth Salute are an up-and-coming rock band from Cumbria. Their self-proclaimed blend of “somewhere between indie and hard rock” served them well on their previous EP, Carve, which garnered considerable high praise.

Which is why we are stoked to be the first to allow you to hear their new track, ‘Bore’. The track will soon be available to download and stream via Spoken Records UK at all major online platforms including Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify etc.

But, until that happens, you can watch the video for Youth Salute’s ‘Bore’ here and nowhere else, enjoy!

“The song was written during a period where a lot was changing in my personal life and within the band,” explains vocalist/guitarist Shane Sanderson. “I seemed to write a bunch of songs that detailed the process and with ‘Bore’ being the first one it’s mainly about dealing with seeing those changes happening as they were unfolding.

“Musically it was just built around this riff that I had for ages. I liked the idea of the verses being quite subdued and down trodden but then this huge uplifting chorus. I think the the new material that we’re writing is way bigger. We’re going for a grander sound and I am really working hard on vocals and melodies that can hook under peoples skin.

“During the filming of the video, I was thrown directly into a light that was hotter than the sun, hence why I look like I have crept out of a sauna during the whole thing. Not sure how the others managed to keep their hair so on point.”

You can find the band, and learn more about them, at the following places:
Twitter: @youthsalute
Instagram @youthsalute


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