Amongst all of the surfacing allegations of sexual assault perpetrated by well-known musicians over the last few days, it was brought to light that With Confidence guitarist Luke Rockets was accused of sexual abuse against a minor.

The allegations were made on Facebook by a friend of the victim.

‘She was 14 at the time and he was 22, about to turn 23,’ the post read.

‘He began to ask about her feet in a really undesirable manner, and slowly the conversation acquired a sexual nature. He asked her about kinks, and other adult concepts.’

‘It got to a point where my friend was so sure that he’d attempt something inappropriate with her in person next time they saw each other, that we sold the tickets we had for their next show and did not end up going.’

Following the news, Knuckle Puck announced that they were dropping With Confidence from their upcoming US tour.

Not long after, With Confidence released a statement claiming that Luke Rockets had been removed from the band. You can read their full statement below.


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