It isn’t easy being a fan of Brand New. The world has been waiting for a new album since 2009’s Daisy. Last year, fans were teased with the release of the excellent new track, ‘I Am A Nightmare’, but all has been pretty quiet since then in terms of when the new album can be expected, if it will be released at all.

On top of that, there has been the ongoing claim that after the next album, Brand New will be calling it a day.

Ever the elusive band, Brand New have kept people on their toes to the point that any further news on them becomes a massive deal.

The latest of such news is that Brand New has announced a singular headline show. They will be playing The Warfield in San Francisco on the 11th September.

Does this have any bearing on the new album or their supposed break-up? Who knows? But at least this isn’t bad news in any way.

Either way, here’s ‘I Am A Nightmare’ because there is never a bad time to listen to it.


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