WALLFLOWER have announced the good news that they’ll be releasing their debut album ‘Teach Yourself To Swim’ this summer, and have shared the first single!

Teach Yourself To Swim’ is scheduled for release on 5th June. It follows the release of their 2017 EP ‘Where It Fell Apart’.


As part of the announcement, Wallflower have also released the album’s first single, ‘Hungry Eyes’. Speaking of the track, frontman Vini Moreira-Yeoell has said: “It’s probably one of the heaviest songs we’ve ever written. Where most of our songs are written around personal emotions we all experience as human beings, ‘Hungry Eyes’ is much more politically driven and touches on subjects we believe affect all of us.

With some pretty horrific things happening all across the world, the general reaction can often be indifference and numbness. This song was easily one of the most challenging to perfect in the studio, being very intense in all aspects of the word.

Check out ‘Hungry Eyes’ below!



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