“Our plan is to have our own portable Whole Foods hot bar on the road with us at all times, and a lifetime supply of soy nuggets.” Sky-high ambitions are what Kentucky punks White Reaper are aiming for. Along with wanting to “make music that we want to hear and play shows that are in front of as many people as possible,” it looks like the band have a bright future ahead of them but until then, they’re having all the fun in the world right now.

As 2019 is coming to an end, the band reminisced about their greatest moment over the last few months: “Having an opening slot for The Killers, meeting all those guys and finding out how nice they are.”
White Reaper’s fanbase has grown greatly over the year, and chances are those fans first heard them live and in person as it seems the band are constantly travelling around and putting on outstanding performances. They’ve played a number of festivals this past summer, including Reading and Leeds in the UK, and they’ve enjoyed playing for “a nice potpourri” of attendees. There is a split in their crowds of “a lot of young kids” and “a lot of older people rockin’ out in their own way”.
But is there something that makes the UK stand out in particular? There is one thing: “There are lots more bucket hats”. Well, it’s not wrong.

“Our plan is to have our own portable Whole Foods hot bar on the road with us at all times, and a lifetime supply of soy nuggets”

When the band aren’t on stage, they’re in the studio and working their magic. 18th October marked the release of their latest record, ‘You Deserve Love‘; their debut release on Elektra Records. After parting ways with Polyvinyl, they were approached by Elektra and couldn’t say no to such a wonderful offer. “We all grew up listening to The Cars’ and The Doors’ albums with the Elektra logo on them…it was a dream come true.” So after signing with Elektra, they went straight to work.

From the success of ‘The World’s Best American Band‘, White Reaper’s goal was to “be better” with ‘You Deserve Love‘. With the help of a new label, the recording process has changed in what seems like a positive way: “It’s become easier in some ways and more challenging in other ways…we have to make decisions on sounds and structures and sometimes it takes a while.”

The band has matured in many ways over the last couple of years, through more live experience and learning to work “much more efficiently” in the studio. And with this change, they wanted their music to highlight this change within them also. “We wanted to make a record that reflected our maturity musically, but also kept the energy behind the first couple of records.”

“We wanted to make a record that reflected our maturity musically”

With the new music, they all have one collective favourite: “It’s the title track. We like it because it has a riff and guitar solo…It’s really catchy and emotional and frankly, we’ve never done anything like it.” So a note to fans: pay attention to the title track and enjoy the catchy and emotional content.

So with the days being numbered for 2019, White Reaper are seeing it out by – surprise, surprise – touring alongside a number of talented acts. As touring is one of their favourite things to do as a band, they definitely have some parts of this tour they’re excited about. “We’re excited to play shows with our friends across the country, headline a lot of these rooms that we haven’t been able to in the past,” and one of their favourite parts of touring, “taste all of the local flavours.”

They’ve shared their glee at playing at Los Angeles’ Teragram on this tour; claiming it to be “like a level of Guitar Hero” that they can’t wait to get into. If life is a game, then White Reaper are scoring 100% – and they’ll be leaving with all the trophies!



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