From a 2016 solo project by vocalist Madison “Mad” Nave, Stay slowly but surely built itself into this talented band with four dedicated musicians from the New Jersey scene after “several conversations and low quality iPhone recordings”, it seems they were meant to be a band after all. “From playing in several bands over the years, we’ve all learned to take input from every member of the band. Making everything fun, creative, and positive.”

Fun and positivity is a running theme in the New Jersey alternative scene; claiming their own band functions as a “family”, they’ve also received a lot of love from the others around them. Becoming big in the south side, they’ve received nothing but love and support. “The south Jersey scene is truly a supportive community,” the band have commented. “Everyone wants to see others succeed and will go out of their way to prove it.”

Lifting up each other played a big role with Stay. They’re constantly performing with up and coming bands in their local area, and say that these other acts they share the stage with are “incredibly inspiring” when it comes to improving their own sound and style. They say there’s always some good talent to watch in Jersey. “There’s so much talent within this community.” They state bands such as Heather Grey, Suntitle and twentythreenineteen are some of their favourites right now, and the bands to keep an eye on. Done and done!

“There’s so much talent within this community”

Moving on to their own releases, Stay have recently released their upcoming record’s first single, ‘Highway’ and premiered their music video for the track. It seems that out of all the tracks, ‘Highway’ is one of the most important ones for them all. “‘Highway’ was the song that brought the band together in the first place,” as it was Nave’s 2016 song that gathered the attention of guitarist Caleb Kerr, and later on convinced drummer Bill Finnocchiaro and bassist Ian Kelly to jump on board.

However, as important as it is, every member must have their own favourite songs from the record… Kerr chose “the first song I’ve ever been able to contribute to a band”, ‘Marigold’. Kelly chose ‘Filler’ because, “Lyrically it has a lot of meat to it…Musically it’s a slower tempo and more droney.” Finnocchiaro chose ‘Silk’ because “I have a lot of vocal freedom which is something I haven’t been able to do before in other bands.” However, it’s not as easy with Nave… “I have a hard time picking a favourite…It is like picking a favourite child (you don’t do that).”

So it’s obvious that all four members have put their all into these songs and the record altogether, and they’ve been using their social media to track their “seamless” studio process with putting everything into place with the help of Retro City Studios’ Jake Clarke. They said that these sessions have only bonded them closer, in peculiar ways… “Being in the studio, our true personalities shined. From Mad standing on tables, to Jake making endless pots of fresh coffee and to Caleb’s exploding tire.”

“It’s open ended, each listener experiences the message differently..”

“From working cohesively as a unit, we all achieved something we were truly proud of,” the band said. “So what was the result of those antics in the studio? The highly anticipated record, titled ‘iwillneveraskyouto‘ – a name that’s been found all over the band’s social media and their posts. The reason behind this title is all in the pun. “Putting it together becomes iwillneveraskyoutoStay.”

“It’s more than just “Staying”, we would never ask anything of you that wasn’t true to yourself…It’s open ended, each listener experiences the message differently.”

Beyond this release, all the band wants to focus on is, “More shows. More music. More growth. More Stay.” That sounds like a plan, and here’s hoping they’ll stick to these promises as time goes by.




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