RATING: 8/10


Already becoming popular around London, Chaos Reigns have shared stages with bands such as Sharptooth, The Armed Incite and Cope and played at Downsurge Festival. This London based five-piece hardcore group have now released their new five-track EP titled ‘A Horrific Accident.’ Influenced by the likes of Converge, Every Time I Die and The Ghost of a Thousand, the band are heavy, loud and exciting.

Kicking off the collection is the song ‘Fight/Flight’ building an intense atmosphere as the vocal’s breakthrough in an aggressive tone. From the start it’s chaotic, the electric guitar riffs are immense, intertwining so well with the vocals, topping it off with the powerful drum solos. This particular track also has a chant and these can be a bit of a hit and miss but in this case they make the song sound more meaningful, especially when loads of different vocal tones come together.

The band recently released their new single/video for the track ‘Swan’ featuring guest vocals by Paul Collins from MXTS, giving the fans a real feel for what is to come with the upcoming release. It is arguably, however, the weaker track of them all, not sharing that same enticing grip on the listener like the rest of the songs do.

“it shows that they can be creative with different genres of music.”

‘Far Off And Like A Dream’ swoops in with pure emotion and anger as the lyrics of ‘I hate everything’ stand out from the track, portraying something that is solidly based of living life and one’s feelings on that, and perhaps not liking certain aspects of your life. It’s one that you can hear the story behind, the tone of the vocals becoming more of a scream for help in a way, which goes hand in hand with the meaning behind the song.

‘Digital Lives’ is a track that shares many similarities but also sets itself in its own little bubble. It has a more creative twist to it, presenting a more eerie sound and one that’s pleasing to the ears. The chant is another key element, as the vocals and the atmosphere get louder and more suspenseful. A more pop-punk style of instrumental to kick start the song as they lead into a heavier sound but it shows that they can be creative with different genres of music. One of the highlights of the album and a great way to end it!

Chaos Reigns have hit back with their wide range of vocals, the diverse mix of guitar riffs and drum solos which have all been incorporated into this EP. The best part was the fact that none of the songs sounded similar. Of course they still followed their sound, but they all shared their own unique sound too, which makes it more interesting as a listener. Not just sticking to the same generic style and spicing things up a bit is what this band does best.



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