Discovered are excited to present an exclusive video premier from Tampa FL hardcore trio MADTOWN – ‘True Colors’.

Speaking about the single, the band said: “True Colors is the title track of our album and the third single leading up to the release. Sonically, it is a fast hardcore punk anthem with dancy breakdowns and catchy vocals. Lyrically, the song talks about staying true to our art form and music while also calling out the many people that make music and art for all of the wrong reasons. The main line “True colors will last” summarizes the theme of the lyrics perfectly. After all is said and done, genuine works of art will always outlast any art that is disguised by superficial intentions. With this single we hope to inspire our supporters and listeners to stay true to themselves and feel welcomed at our shows no matter what their background is.”

Check out the video right here:
(filmed by Ana Massard)

The band’s first album ‘True Colors’ will be independently released everywhere on September 6th. You can preorder here:


Band photo by Ana Massard



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