There’s a lot to be said about ska punk, and with the insane level of sunshine we’re experiencing right now, it seems that there’s no better time to stream, Love & Lacerations, the new EP from Scottish ska punk outfit, The Hostiles. 

This EP is a collection of songs about love and the happiness and pain that comes with it. “It’s more on the pop punk side compared to our other releases… which wasn’t intentional… it just kinda happened,” reflects Vocalist Josh Barron.

The band have earned a rep for their relentless touring, which sees them hit the road in both Europe and Canada this year.

“We’ve played in 20 different countries (soon to be 21) with soooo many good bands!” Muses the vocalist. “I can’t think of anyone in particular that shaped the sound of this record but there are loads of bands that continuously inspire us to keep putting out records and touring.”

You can check out their tour dates and the full EP below!


12/09 – Tail of the Junction, Toronto
13/09 – La Maison Tavern, Cornwall (ON)
14/09 – Bar Le Magog, Sherbrooke (QC)
15/09 – Scanner Bistro, Quebec City (QC)
16/09 – Turbo Haus, Montreal (QC)
17/09 – The Mansion, Kingston (ON)
18/09 –  Red Papaya, Guelph (ON)
19/09 – Harmony Lunch, Waterloo (ON)
20/09  – Atria, Oshawa (ON)
21/09 –  Infinity Zero, Barrie (ON)
22/09 –  The Richmond, London (ON)


27/09 – Skinny Jimmy’s, Workington (UK)
28/09 – The Cask Bah, Loughborough (UK)
29/09 – Hope and Anchor, London (UK)
30/09 –  Venue TBC, Ghent (BE)
01/10 – JH DIDO, Erpe-Mere (BE)
02/10 – eXit, Xanten (DE)
03/10 – Cassipeia, Berlin (DE)
04/10 – Trompete, Bochum (DE)
05/10 – Cafe Glocksee, Hanover (DE)
10/10 – Church, Dundee (UK)
11/10 – Drummonds, Aberdeen (UK)
12/10 – Opium, Edinburgh (UK)
13/10 – Attic, Glasgow (UK)

‘Love and Lacerations’ is out on Aug 30th on Punk and Disorderly (Can) and 
Bubble Tea Records (EU)



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