RATING: 7/10


If you’re a lover of hardcore music this one’s for you! Lincoln based band Reclaimer have released their new six-track EP titled ‘Grief Enslaved’. The four-piece band are back taking their hardcore sound to a whole new level. They’ve taken their unique sound across the UK and mainland Europe, sharing stages with the likes of Dayshifter and Martyr Defiled.

Since their last EP titled ‘Same Hell, Different Devils’ it’s safe to say they’ve created this new and expressive melodic hardcore sound, with their heavy breakdowns, raucous vocals, pleasant melodies and their insane instrumentals to completely top it off.

‘Melancholy’ opens the album with its uproarious vocals from the lead vocalist Harrison Cook, who sure knows how to create heavy and suspenseful song. Throughout the song the vocals change slightly to sing in a more melodic manner, to make it sound more like a chant it’s a great way to separate their sound and show that they have variety. Not to mention, the guitarist riffs are mental. The best way to open a hardcore album, is being heavy and having intense instrumentals to go with it and this band did just that.

“taking their hardcore sound to a whole new level”

‘July’ starts of teasing what will be an explosive breakdown later in the song, leaving that suspense with their listeners, which is interesting to listen to. Starting off at a slow melody to then going full on crazy with their breakdowns, is something this band do so well. When that drops, it’s going to cause some major chaos at shows!

The EP comes to an end with the track ‘Canvey’ with an even more slow calming melody at the start. Then of course, be ready to head bang when that heaviness takes over. What’s different about this one, is that percussion come through with a bang. The repetitive slams on the drums is just what this song needed, making it sound a lot more manic and destructive.

Reclaimer came in hard with this, creating something that all their fans will be sure to love. It’s a change from their previous sound, but that is in no way a bad thing. The future looks bright for them, as their sound seems to be developing and going in a different direction. Some songs are better than others, but that’s always the way. Some lacked the creativity and heaviness that the rest of it had but their brutal breakdowns were a highlight, along with their vicious vocals and the insane instrumentals. Overall, an album that will receive a lot of positive attention and that for any band is an achievement.





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