RATING: 9/10


Alternative US band Night Riots are back with their latest release ‘New State Of Mind’ which is packed full of surprises, punchy sounding instrumental segments and strong vocals. The album is a gift of poignant moments, slick lyrics and surprise sounds. First track ‘Tokyo Diamond Eyes’ has a feel-good, upbeat tempo throughout the song. The tempo is what carries the song in its entirety with fluid lyrics are fluid, reflecting a series of events and displaying an emotive and reflective songwriting process. Electro and dance elements seem to be incorporated which makes it a diverse song many should like.

Other tracks focus on relationships – ‘Flashy Love’ demonstrates lyrics which appear to be thoughts, almost monologue-like, offering a step into the head of the writer. The vocals are therefore meaningful and the temp throughout is solid. ‘In The City’ does the same thing with lyrics relayed as thoughts yet here the topic of this song seems even more personal.

“packed full of surprises.”

Songs such as ‘On The Line’ add a wondrous theme to the album. The vocals are mystical and merged with the instrumental, emerging as a stronger track as a result. An electro/funk vibe is present in this song which emphasises the band are not afraid to experiment with different sounds.

‘Loyal To The Game’ adds a softer, unique tone to the album. This song is poignant in both lyrics and vocals which offers a change in tone. ‘Not Too Late’ is a song of memories and contemplation. The backing vocals merged with the main vocals make for a promising unique sound which works well and brings a new element to the album.

‘Talk About It’ is arguably the most fluid track on the album, packed with powerful lyrics such as ‘I’m finally free’, relaying the fact this is a song of emotion and feeling. The instrumentation on this track is particularly stripped back and more calm which fits with the tone of the song.

“a diverse album FILLED with elements of dance, techno, acoustic and funk.”

Overall, the record is packed with a diverse range of sounds and melodies showing the band has experimented, and successfully. ‘Leave Us Alone’ proves just this, with its fierce intro and overall tone, multiple vocal layers merged together adding power and strength, with emphasis on certain lyrics which has clearly not been done by mistake but a clever engineering trick. A techno beat re-emerges, adding an ever steady solid backbone to the song. Then there’s something like ‘Enjoy The Ride’, upbeat and punchy with strong instrumentation – a song which is surely destined for the dancefloors.

‘New State Of Mind’ is a diverse album which is filled with elements of dance, techno, acoustic and funk. The vocals are solid, raw and emotive. Each song is different in its own way in terms of tackling different situations whether they are daily struggles or relationships. This album has something for everyone. The eclectic range of Night Riots make for a great record full of flavour.




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