Discovered are proud to present this exclusive premier, the brand new single from A Constant Knowledge Of Death – ‘Ash Winter’ – which features on the band’s third album of 2019 – ‘Vol. III.c: Everything Was Possible And Nothing Was True’, out everywhere September 13th.

Speaking about the single, the band said: “‘Ash Winter’ is specifically about how much capitalism and consumption are destroying the planet. Our greed and lust for power and wealth will turn this Earth into a desolate wasteland, and the corporations responsible for the drive will shirk the blame.”

You can check out the track right here:

The album itself was written by Connor McCullough (they/them), the band’s primary guitar player, engineer and producer. It also features Aaron Stechauner of The Faceless / Born of Osiris / ex-Rings of Saturn on drums. The band described it as their “heaviest album to date, both musically and lyrically. Overall, the album is a call-out to all those who are actively inflicting harm upon others and the growing fascist regime in America – if you’re a fascist, a rapist, an abuser, a cop, a white supremacist, a bigot, a venture capitalist, or any other number of terrible human beings on this planet, and the justice system continues to fail your victims, your days are numbered before we start taking things into our own hands. It’s very cathartic.”

If you want to find out more about these guys, you can check out our recent Q&A with the band here:

UNDISCOVERED Q&A: A Constant Knowledge Of Death – On Global Degradation and Cognitive Predators

Pre-orders for the album are up now at





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