RATING: 8/10


The Texas metal band Upon A Burning Body recently released their ten-track album titled ‘Southern Hostility’ and metal heads, this one is the one for you! ‘Southern Hostility’ is the first track on the album, it skips the pleasantries and heads straight to greeting you with a savage intro and then heavy breakdown, giving you a real feel for what these guys are all about. ‘King of Diamonds’ comes next; this is a song that completely gives off groovy infused riffs and an upbeat tempo. They’ve come to give you a real head banger and they’re for sure succeeding.

The third track ‘All Pride, No Pain’ portrays pure aggression from the vocalist, really emphasising on the carnage that they can bring. The overpowering screams, the infectious guitar riffs and the insane drum solos, this band truly know how to make a metal hit. Next up ‘From the Darkness’ starts with the iconic metal guitar solo as it leads into the aggressive screams and growls to completely top it off. If you feel angry and want to let it out, stick this album on and just have a complete head banging session. This one is different in various aspects – you hear the loud screams, but also some more slow vocals that are a lot easier to listen to if screaming isn’t really your thing.

“If you feel angry and want to let it out, stick this album on…”

‘The Champ is Coming’ continues with its addictive tune, pulsating drum beats and addictive riff segments alongside a rousing chorus to keep your spirits high. ‘Burn’ has the most insane guitar riffs that make the whole song, it starts off with them and to be honest that was by far the best part of the record, if you’re a fan of bands like Motionless in White, this is the song for you.

‘Reinventing Hatred’ opens with an eerie echo type sound, before entering a more demonic atmosphere. This song really shows how heavy this band can be. ‘Never Alone’ gives you an uplifting intro and energetic vocals. ‘The Anthem of The Doomed’ is full of tension at the start, that suddenly gives this insane guitar work, which flows so well with the vocals and everything else that is going on.

“a record that will make you want to get in the most pit and have a blast.”

Then finalising the album with the track ‘Soul Searcher’ portraying different beats and instrumentals and a more powerful tone. This song talks about the way they had to rediscover themselves throughout the album process, the chorus says: ‘’We lost our way but not our hope, searching for a long way back home.’’ This is such a fitting song to have as a finishing track.

This album is pure class, it’s purely what any metal lover would fall in love with, it gives its audience a feeling of how heavy they can be, for anyone who loves metal music, this album is a must to listen to. The guitar riffs were incredible throughout and the vocals and drums really did bring it all together. They really know how to make a record that will make you want to get in the most pit and have a blast.



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