RATING: 7/10


Ready, set, head bang! The Australian five-piece band, Thy Art Is Murder is back, with their new ten-track album titled ‘Human Target’. After their 2017 album ‘Dear Desolation’ sent them sky rocketing to the top of the heavy metal chain they’ve shared stages with Slayer, Parkway Drive, Betraying the Martyrs and many more, and it only looks like it’s only going to get better for them.

This will be their fifth full-length album and the first to feature new drummer Jesse Beahler, and it takes a glance into our disconnected, chaotic, and confused postmodern dystopia. If you’re looking for more bands to listen to and your favorite genre is deathcore than you need to put this band on as we speak.

” takes a glance into our disconnected, chaotic, and confused postmodern dystopia”

‘Human Target’ explores a multitude of socio-political topics while remaining brutally heavy in sound. It’s filled with destruction and utter chaos. The vocals come through hard in the song ‘New Gods’ creating a feeling of suspense, absolute mayhem and killer guitar riffs. Following perfectly with ’Death Squad Anthem,’ which includes heavy drum solos and an infectious rhythm. Definitely one to cause a metal riot at shows!

They decide to take a more political approach with their song ‘Make America Hate Again’. It takes a deep dive into those who are in power; anything to do with politics nowadays is a nightmare, countries are so disconnected, but this track tells a true story of what it’s like living in a world where there’s so much hatred. With its aggressive tone and its heavy instrumentals, the pure emotion really shines through here.

’Eye for An Eye,’ is not as aggressive as the rest of the tracks, funnily enough. That’s not to say it’s not heavy at all, because of course that’s what this band’s all about. It’s just a little different – the instrumentals or the vocals don’t feel as heavy, which to some may be a good thing.

“Thy Art Is Murder surely know how to create a pure ruthless, heavy metal album”

The album finishes with the track ‘Chemical Christ’ with almost sounds like a vocal chant from a bunch of people. It’s an intriguing track, possibly one of the best on the whole album, so ends it on a high and shows a lot of diversity in their sound profile, and just how well they can play instruments.

Thy Art Is Murder surely know how to create a pure ruthless heavy metal album. However, despite the fact that sometimes change is good, they’ve always stuck to their sound and haven’t really experimented much. It all still sounded very similar, with a few adjustments along the way and it would have maybe been nice to hear further development in places.

None the less, they truly know how to express their opinions and feelings with their brutal breakdowns, vicious howls and the insane instrumentals that top it all off. Overall, a great album, definitely one that any deathcore fan would replay a hundred times.



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