RATING: 9/10


It’s been a fun and interesting ride for pop-punk duo The Dollyrots. Having to manage writing, recording, touring and parenting, it’s been an adventure since they took full control of their musical careers in the early 2000s. Having a career full of loud rocking records, acoustic EPs and even live releases on occasion, vocalist and bassist Kelly Ogden and guitarist Luis Cabezas have pulled it off again with their newest album, ‘Daydream Explosion‘.

Being a family unit and raising two young children has only increased their drive to deliver the best, most energetic and enjoyable tunes for younger and older listeners. Beginning with the ever so catchy ‘Animal’, the album refreshes in the mind of long-time Dollyrots fans what they were here to do: remind them that the time to act and live life is now and to take advantage of every opportunity. It begins a recurring theme throughout the record of freedom and living with the greatest of animal instincts; not holding back and taking what one desires. Uplifting inside and out, it starts off a journey for an album that is almost guaranteed to bring out the good feeling in every listener.

“an album that is almost guaranteed to bring out the good feeling in every listener.”

The band gave a taste of what ‘Daydream Explosion‘ had to offer with the story-time-like tune, ‘In Your Face’. Along the lines of ‘Animal’, ‘In Your Face’ is a more personalised and boastful anthem to inspire and give more of a shove than a push of encouragement. Ogden’s vocals mirror the power of discussing dreams and potential, and wanting to show it off “in your face” when it all works out. A musical pep talk in a matter of minutes, it’ll get the blood pumping and the repetitive chanting of, “Who cares? I don’t!” will keep blaring through the ears long after the song has finished.

Travelling through the tracks and it’s obvious: the album is one made of passion and in the hopes of achieving what is a long-lived dream in Ogden and Cabezas’s heart. It’s all striking strums on the guitar, cheeky yet strong vocals and perfectly laced together harmonies in the right spots – but that’s not exactly correct. The album’s closing number is one that’s much more personal to the band than any of the others that came before it. Entitled ‘Daisy’s Song’, the track is in dedication to their love for their infant daughter. Singing about her growing, learning, and their playful times, the lyrics speak deeper and pierce through the heart in such a sweet, emotional way. A new and honestly fresh departure from the expected acoustic guitar-led ballads that one may expect with such a subject, it keeps the band’s sound and style intact while being an ode to a parent’s love. The more emotional listeners will be in tears by the repetition of the final line: “I promise you will always find me again.”

“The Dollyrots are underrated in their corner of the industry.”

Being a band that isn’t always at the forefront of the pop-punk scene, The Dollyrots are underrated in their corner of the industry. Making their mark around the United States over the years, and even reaching across the pond with the help of friends such as Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick, they have the sound that fans never knew they wanted, but soon discover they need.

They just need one listen. So take it.



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