RATING: 7/10


Real Authority are a London based quintet; playing face melting, riff heavy, punk music and on July 26th they’ll be releasing their smouldering debut EP: ‘True Motion’. The record feels so authentically in the moment; encompassing the raw energy of all the gritty dark sides of the human psyche, but with little shimmers of empowerment and hope, scattered and few between, yet just enough to feel purged of all your inner pent up uneasiness.

This is a debut Ep sizzling with heavy, fervent punk characteristics. It’s punchy, rapid pace, leaving you unsatisfied that it ends so abruptly, with the second track ‘Can’t Face It’ not even reaching two minutes in length. This was also the first song to be released.

“The record feels so authentically in the moment; encompassing the raw energy of all the gritty dark sides of the human psyche, but with little shimmers of empowerment and hope”

‘Can’t Face It’ opens with a screaming 1, 2, 3, 4, followed by a pummeling strike of chaos. There’s an acknowledgment that something isn’t right and they can’t face it alone, in amongst the thrashing comes a shout for help “someone help me talk about it”. There’s a lengthy instrumental which takes us through to the close, but not before teasing us with changes of tempo, where the rapidity begins to slow and get elongated, until one final clobber- then silence.

However, before this expeditious number, comes the opener of the EP, ‘The Energy’. A clang and jangle of electrical instruments being plugged in is the first sound on True Motion, followed up by a lonesome guitar riff; setting the tone for this record, as it’s domineering in the guitar department. We’re then joined by the rest of the band and the disheartening opening line “I feel so let down by everybody, sure I pushed the wrong way, but that’s the energy.” A feeling that most can relate to at some point in their life, when everything is getting a bit much, but they turn this negative feeling into an action of optimism with: “Let’s build something together not nothing for once”. Whilst, seemingly rooted in bitterness, it does lean towards making amends and building bridges to combat the issues at hand. Prudent placement of rests amplify accentuation throughout the EP, but most strongly here on the opener and on the finale ‘Party Mansion’.

“a promising start from Real Authority”

Before we get to the end though, there’s ‘Depression Issues’ and ‘Back It Up’. There’s a cool interaction of sound (vocals and backing vocals layering over each other) emulating the frustrating tumult of those conflicting voices in your head when you’re down, in ‘Depression Issues’. Then there’s more positivity coming in from ‘Back It Up’, as it’s quite an empowering fight the crap song.

Then it’s time for the longest and final song on the EP- ‘Party Mansion’, with the overarching question “Are you where you want to be?” Dramatic pauses make a return here and so do instrumentals, but this time at the start and almost 40 seconds long; giving you plenty of time to contemplate the all important question. The riotous noise again slows and paves the way for a guitar solo, then the drums’ cymbals rattle, adding in a steady bass drum next, before a whopping climax and pondering of where you are in life.

Have you had a bad day at work? Then have a good ol’ headbang and foot stomp to this on the journey home. It’s a promising start from Real Authority. True Motion will be released on 26th July through Chapter One Records.



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