RATING: 8/10


The north end of the country is inarguably famous for bringing musical talent to the world’s attention – moving them from small-town shows to nationwide arenas to international tours. Liverpool in particular this time has give the United Kingdom a new alternative treat in the form of emo newcomers Decay. Being their debut release, ‘Modern Conversation’ already impresses on the front of honesty and emotion. The title of the EP itself is a testament to their unspoken promise to talk about what can be hushed and swept under the rug; modern conversations, speaking now about what the world couldn’t before. A key track that hammers this home is the single, ‘Slow Decline’. Talking about mental illness and even touching upon suicide, it’s an honest and beautiful tune worked into the usual sound that Decay have established as their very own throughout the short history of their music career. There is passion within the words and the rhythm; both as the band’s way to help themselves and to help others listening along.

It has to be said that the band’s style isn’t all that original, which isn’t stated to slate or diminish the group’s importance or impact, but it’s a fact. The way they can stay memorable is the same way most acts can: keep it interesting. And if there’s one thing about ‘Modern Conversation’, it’s that the band does keep things interesting.

“What sets them apart from most mainstream summer releases is the depth and the heart they put into every track on the EP…”

There’s a new trend for summertime music now, for more alternative tunes to compete alongside the mainstream pop and dance hits. This is being seen more throughout the 2010s, and it looks like if played right, Decay could make the British summer of 2019 akin to the American summer of 2007. What sets them apart from most mainstream summer releases is the depth and the heart they put into every track on the EP. It resonates and holds true meaning, instead of focusing on its sound and making it sound likeable to the majority – they make it likeable for their very own minority and that’s what matters in this industry. That’s how they hold their own originality: their own experiences and their own thoughts are written into their songs, and that’s something no band will ever be able to take away or duplicate.

An example of their finest work to this extent is ‘Never Again’. ‘Never Again’ is a newer release, yet it comes across as the cementing of the band’s sound and exact style they’re nailing down throughout this EP. The sound influenced by the American corner of the genre, it undeniably differs itself with the personal touches that Decay grant upon it through writing, producing and of course, playing it. The band come across as seasoned musicians in the industry, and have a level of maturity that usually takes bands many years and many album cycles to achieve.

“Decay may be new but they’re marking their corner of the genre.”

As a collective, what makes Decay shine in ‘Modern Conversation’ is their unity and harmony as a five piece. Within the simple appearing outfit of a lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, lead guitarist, bassist and drummer is a team of two lyricists and two songwriters, working extensively and exhaustingly to bring the magic together. That’s what makes a band special and makes their music sound so personalised because it’s from the roots: their hearts, their minds, their souls.

This comes out in one of their most notable tracks, ‘Lullaby’. Their debut single and yet the last track on their EP, it’s a vital song to use to turn anyone on to Decay if one aims to. It is the furthest thing from a disappointment and indeed what made the band shine since the very beginning. Overall, it sounds nearly unbelievable to think so highly of a group who only have five songs to their name and a handful of fans. But that’s exactly how it must be! Nearly perfect for fans of bands such as Basement and Loathe, Decay may be new but they’re marking their corner of the genre. Give it a spin, dance along, learn the words and sing too. It’s what they deserve.



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