RATING: 8/10


Third albums can be tricky but 3Teeth seem to have things in hand with their latest offering ‘METAWAR’. Released via Century Media Records, the album took over a year to put together working alongside producer Sean Beavan. Beavan has produced the likes of Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, which automatically makes him perfect for 3Teeth’s special brand of heavy industrial metal. Any fans of the likes of Manson and NIN will definitely find something they enjoy on this album.

Frontman Alexis Mincolla had this to say about it: “our debut album was man vs the world, our sophomore album was man vs himself and now our forthcoming third album is world vs world…We live in a world where we are all tethered to the same large scale prosthetic digital nervous system, and perpetually being manipulated and incentivized by the ideology de jour. Even the most independent thinkers are being pinned to one side or another as a result of it. Our goal is to jam this album in the cognitive gears that perpetuate this fiercely divisive rhetoric, by exposing the hypocrisy, idiocy, and insanity on all sides. It’s time to carve out a non-conformist space between the left and right that doesn’t have a definable psychographic for corporations to exploit. METAWAR is here to tear down the walls of our memetic concentration camps.”

some incredible moments of pure heaviness…”

And while that all may seem like a pretty futuristic high concept theme to get your head around, the music speaks for itself regardless of any kind of backstory although it’s always good to know the ideas behind the lyrics; and that these songs have a purpose and goal to them. It’s a concept you can hear shine at certain moments throughout the record, such as ‘President X’, a song essentially exploring the theme that all president/leaders are the same when it comes down to it. Mincolla’s vocal performance here is especially Manson-esque; eerie and melancholic yet laced with sarcasm and attitude, with a chorus that’s a natural singalong pit anthem.

There’s some incredible moments of pure heaviness and loud walls of guitars and samples which really bring in the industrial metal elements of the band, such as the final few seconds of ‘American Landfill’, with its grueling, guttural screams and an auditory build up of guitars, drums and noise that really punches you in the chest. Then there’s something like ‘Time Slave’ which opens up with a hardcore style chord structure on the guitars and a driving beat, before opening up into more space filled verses with a synth riff soaring underneath.

“3Teeth are the next generation, the new leaders of the tech metal sound, and seem to be going from strength to strength..”

‘The Fall’ is one of the more slower songs on the album. It’s drawn out, atmospheric and dramatic, building up the wall of sound slowly, the vocals switching from singing to screams with ease akin to the likes of Corey Taylor. It’s a track that leads perfectly into ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ which is another more laid back song. The intro has a real 80s sort of vibe to it, with the synth holding the beat together and really shows another side to the band. And if anyone’s wondering about the title…yes, it’s a cover of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ by Foster The People, and it’s a complete reimagining, only really recognizable once the melody line of the chorus kicks in. The band have done a fantastic job making the track their own, and amazingly it still fits into the overall sound of the album. It’s a good one to end on.

3Teeth have succeeded in releasing an exciting audio adventure which attacks all the senses, taking the listener on a journey through our dystopian present via the medium of twisted guitars, noise, tech samples and haunting vocals. ‘METAWAR’ is a triumphant third album which will see the band in good stead as they continue to carve a path for themselves following in the wake of such acts like Manson and NIN. 3Teeth are the next generation, the new leaders of the tech metal sound, and seem to be going from strength to strength. As they steer themselves into newer, unchartered territory, you’d better strap up and be along for the ride or get left behind.


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