Nothing is more valuable than identity; it’s something completely unique to ourselves the overarching, definitive trait that will facilitate what is possible and what you will inevitably be remembered by or, even why you could fade into obscurity. It’s appealing and almost engrained into us to believe that every aspect of our being is exclusive to ourselves, distinguishing us from the masses of those that live for the sake of existence. Doubt and critical appraisal of our value and self-worth lends itself to bold notions of change but familiarity, security and routine often prevail, leaving behind another loser in the rat race for satisfaction.

“Throughout the writing process for ‘Witness to the Love’ I wasn’t playing any shows or tours and was working a regular job”, explains Night Letters frontman, Tony Klien. “I think the most creative energy comes from desperation to make a change in your life, even though it’s a tough thing to understand at the time, that it’s a necessary evil,” continues Klien. “I wasn’t playing any shows or tours and was working a regular job and felt the monotony and mundanity of everyday life began to consume me.”

“I think hardcore is very important….it can give you the focus to change your life and that’s a powerful thing…”

“I found myself reading into eastern philosophy and certain elements of religion to try and deal with how I was feeling. I guess it was combination of that and, experiences with personal relationships that poured out into this record. I just tried to make it as honest to my feelings during this period in my life as I could.” Whilst this melting pot of doubt and insecurity is completely unique to the individual solace is often sought in community, something the scene Night Letter’s members have found themselves deeply rooted in through their previous projects.

“ I think hardcore is very important”, Tony continues, “it carries an array of positive messages, whether it’s Straight edge, vegan, posi, youth crew or just melodic, it can give you the focus to change your life and that’s a powerful thing.” “Our individual paths on this journey are very subjective,” Tony says, detailing how their past projects have laid the foundations of Night Letters. “We were just in a small pocket of what was happening, but it was a very exciting time.”

“We’d both been playing in the same scene for long time and were aware of each other’s bands,” Tony continues, discussing how Adam Crowe of Defeater came into the collaboration. “After we recorded that we asked our friends Benny (Mead -Dead Swans) and Kai (Sheldon -Landscapes) if they’d be up for completing the line-up.”

“writing for Night Letters is a lot more personal”

Defining Night Letters as a “development” of what had come before them, Tony explain he knew that unlike their old artistic outlets, this was never going to be a hardcore band. “There are obviously a lot of elements in our sound that owe themselves to that. So we just started taking elements stuff we liked and ‘Night Letters’ kind of came out of that, it felt like a natural progression.”

“We love hardcore and owe a lot to that scene….it was really just the energy I tried to translate into something new.” Night Letters clearly respect their routes, seeing them as integral milestones in the journey leading to a more intimate, medium. “For me writing for Night Letters is a lot more personal… we want the music to be a true representation of how we feel in the present.”




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