German metallic hardcore band Dagger Threat just recently released their debut album ‘Gestalzerfall.’ This time round the guys have drawn new influences from early noughties metalcore and nu-metal in this album which provides “a new level of heaviness and chaos”.

With two prior EPs to develop their skills in, Dagger Threat feel like they’re only just beginning to evolve, having reached “the base of what is our sound with the LP but it’s for sure not definite… we’re still not tired of trying things.” ‘Gestalzerfall’s’ main topic is one person’s breakdown, and it shows on the record – frontman Tim says he struggles with telling stories, but rather expresses emotions which “helps me to process… and it fits the aggressive style of our music.” Interestingly, aside from the album’s title Dagger Threat have no lyrics about this breakdown in German, as Tim finds it easier to write in English, which has certainly helped the accessibility of the album to western audiences, and opens up understanding of the underlying themes.

“lost teeth or black eyes have been part of some sets”

The most basic self-description of Dagger Threat’s music is that “it’s fast and heavy music with angry pissed off lyrics,” which should convince any hardcore fan to give them a shot. It hypes up the angry side of their music, with shows being described as a ‘battleground,’ and apparently “some lost teeth or black eyes have been part of some sets,” these are certainly one for the brave hearted to check out, if you don’t mind walking away limping.

Despite facing challenges as a European band attempting to break out of Germany, Dagger Threat have had decent success, playing across Germany and several shows in both France and Holland – but the band are hoping to go even further afield in the future, in an attempt “to bring the ‘Gestalzerfall’ to the people. So far they have a few festivals and club shows booked in Germany, but the next step is always on their mind; with the ultimate goal being to release a second album and to tour the U.S. or Asia. However their current goal “is to be busy with writing and staying in people’s minds and the rest will hopefully result from the hard work we’re putting in this band.” Nonetheless the first priority is touring the new record, so make sure to check out the insanity that is ‘Gestalzerfall’ which is out now.



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