RATING: 6/10


Sonnet 13, an upcoming hardcore band from Manchester, have recently released their new album titled ‘We’re Here!’ This is an eleven-track record, filled with deep vocals, heavy drum solos and to top it off, some insane guitar riffs that go on throughout the album. If you’re a fan of bands like Slipknot, this album is for you. The first track is a song titled ‘Introspection’ gives you a real insight into what they are about and how the rest of the album is going to pan out, with it being the shortest track on the album, it’s a great way to start the album of with a bang.

The next two tracks being ‘Against,’ and ‘Modern Me’ are similar to one and another. They both share the same style of music; you have the hardcore guitar riffs and drums as well as the loud overpowering vocals. Great songs if you wanted to let out some anger and scream at the top of your lungs. The instrumentals really give it that hardcore feeling. ‘As One’ is a lot more laid back than the rest of the songs on the album, whilst still having its hardcore style, it plays a part in being an easier song to listen to. ‘The Black Inside’ has a wide range of vocals; this song shows off the ranges of the vocalists in the band. One is a more eerie tone and the other is a lot deeper and raspier, which adds a more unique tone to the track.

“this band has the potential to do a wide range of styles and still pull it off”

The sixth track on the album titled ‘The Fallen’ is most likely going to be a favorite for the listeners. This one has its own unique style, as always portraying the hardcore style but with the best instrumentals, featuring an insane guitar riff that slowly fades out as the vocals begin to step in, and then comes back in with a bang. The guitar makes this song. If it was just the guitar and nothing else, this would still be a huge hit.

‘Still on This Journey’ starts with heavy drums, the manic guitar riffs that flow so well with the drums make it so much catchier and more interesting and when the vocals step in, you get a feel for that hardcore style. ‘Enemy Immortal’ offers different types of vocals; more like a rap near the start, then transitioning to the more loud and deep vocals, this adds to the fact that this band has the potential to do a wide range of styles and still pull it off, and again the guitar rocked it.

‘Get me out,’ and ‘Identity’ share similarities, with the same style of vocals as well as the instrumentals that are absolute fire. The final track on the album ‘The 13th Sonnet’ is more like a story telling style, the vocals are smooth and tell a story as the song goes on. In the background the guitar riffs away as the vocalist continue to speak, then it ends with an eerie sound. Despite many similarities between songs, there are still some stand outs and this is a good effort for a debut. The best part of this album would have to be the guitar solos.







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