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Celebrating a decade as a band, Heart Of A Coward’s fourth studio album ‘The Disconnect’ is a mature offering from the five piece. Only a year after losing long time frontman, Jamie Graham, Heart Of A Coward rage on with more tenacity than ever fronted by Kaan Tasan. After an extended hiatus, they are back with a vengeance.

In all honesty, modern Metalcore is a relatively oversaturated genre and it is incredibly difficult to stand out with the likes of Architects, Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium leading the charge. With the recent addition of Kaan, it is almost as if Heart Of A Coward are building from the ground up again, however ‘The Disconnect’ is an assault on all senses. Moments of this record will have you crowd-killing in your bedroom, on the bus, even at your Nan’s house.

A few songs on this album are devilishly adept shows of songwriting, standouts being ‘Culture of Lies’ and ‘In The Wake’, yet others are exceptionally lethargic carbon copies of the latest Architects record. Irritatingly, as soon as this album piques interest, it is spat back in your face in closing stages. Having spent the first twenty minutes of the listening experience utterly enthralled, ‘Return to Dust’ and ‘Suffocate’ in particular, have taken that rapport and thrown it out the window. Despite this, Mix Engineer, Will Putney (Vanna, Thy Art Is Murder, Knocked Loose) has done an exceptional job and his signature sound is embedded throughout every track without fail.

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“Moments of this record will have you crowd-killing in your bedroom, on the bus, even at your Nan’s house.”

‘Drown In Ruin’, the opening track and second single from ‘The Disconnect’ is relatively accessible for fans old and new alike. It is a strong summary of the album to come, with moments feeling familiar to the quintet’s 2015 effort ‘Deliverance’, yet with only a hint of Kaan’s extensive vocal capability. It does its job and keeps the listener curious for what is next.

‘Ritual’ and ‘Collapse’, the other two singles from this record showcase the variety in songwriting Heart of a Coward are capable of. ‘Ritual’ demonstrating the more thrashy, hardcore side of the band with a very melodic chorus that will go down a treat in the live domain, as they have been renowned for. ‘Collapse’ exhibits a more restrained chorus, while showcasing more of Kaan’s vocal capabilities as well as the pronounced transitioning between sections.

‘Culture of Lies’ is a wild ride from start to finish. It is hooky in the right places, and from the get-go is obnoxiously in your face. The breakdown at the end of the track is a stank-face inducing, mosh-pit opening beast of a section. ‘In the Wake’ is similarly strong and cements Kaan’s place in the band. It is such a shame they waited to showcase Kaan’s true talent on ‘Return To Dust/Suffocate’. Its as if the entire album was leading up to this song and leaves such a bitter taste in the mouth, almost to the point of wanting to press stop.

“a solid album, flows well from start to finish”

‘Parasite’ and ‘Isolation’ are going to go down a treat live. Both are well written tracks that conclude the record sufficiently.

Overall, it is surprising that after overcoming such difficulties as a band that such a robust collection of songs have been offered up. ‘The Disconnect’ is a solid album and flows well from start to finish, yet the whole experience is cheapened by a crude Architects rip-off that completely ruined the closing songs leaving no desire to revisit it. A true shame as the band have come so far since 2012’s ‘Hope and Hindrance’, and Kaan is a beast of a vocalist. Maybe next time they won’t ‘Drown In Ruin’.









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