RATING: 8/10


allusinlove are a unique proposition, even under their former alias, allusondrugs, the sound has been eclectic and above all, creatively weird. Under the more friendly but equally distinct moniker, Leeds rockers allusinlove have released their debut full length, ‘It’s Okay To Talk’. The indie-stoner-shoegaze-emo-grunge outfit are certainly hard to pigeonhole but they have created a feel and vibe that is extremely eccentric.

‘It’s Okay To Talk’ is grounded in alternative indie but has many offshoots to keep the listener guessing and interested in what is to come, heavy distorted guitars keeps the energy up while the shoegaze aspect creates a spacey atmosphere. Not to mention a very memorable performance from lead vocalist, Jason Moules, adapting to each song to match the feeling from the intimate songs to distorted and soaring choruses. The track listing does include all four songs from the latest EP released late 2018 while two songs make a return from the allusondrugs days with a fresh sound and production that lifts and improves the songs tenfold. The producers give a good indication of what to expect from the record: Catherine Marks (Foals, The Killers, Wolf Alice) and Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, The Smashing Pumpkins, Queens Of The Stone Age).

” heavy distorted guitars keeps the energy up while the shoegaze aspect creates a spacey atmosphere”

The album opens to one of the familiar songs, ‘Full Circle’ with a thick, rumpus riff before the pretty guitar and vocals cut through for the inaugural verse. The looping vocal hook of “You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong” is certainly a memorable one. Second track and lead single for the album, ‘All My Love’ has a stomping bass and drums while the guitars are let off the hook with a wha bar as they swirl. The first unheard tune of the record comes in the form of ‘Lucky You’ that has a 70’s hard rock feel. Moules vocal flexes a different muscle, harking to early 00’s britpop, a certain Radiohead feeling with the reverb effect and longing notes.

Possibly the best songs of the allusondrugs era, ‘Sunset Yellow’ gets a re-release with the new production and slight variation that positively improves the track to suit the rest of the record, rather than the rusty and dirty acoustic track that first featured first. The pensive and intimate verses are ones to dwell on while the chorus booms into life with raspy vocals and a howling “Awoo” to make it a real grunge anthem. The groovy riff and feel good tune of ‘All Good People’ will certainly have screaming their lungs out just like Moules. While the slightly darker love song that is ‘Bad Girls’ has Moules lusting after the things loves the most as the title suggests. Another re-release comes in the form of ‘Im Your Man’, what was once a one dimensional shoe gaze song now has the gaps filled in to make for a multi faceted track. Moules vocals has more conviction behind his delivery especially during the bridge.

“an incredibly well thought out and executed record”

‘Happy Eyes’ has a ironic emo vibe with pulsing and slow nodding tempo as Moules has a vocal delivery that harks back to likes of Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday. While titular track continues with the emo sound, the brit-indie elements comes into play that are comparable with The Cure and Joy Division slowing the record down to the final track. The slow build of ‘The Deepest’ is like walking through a long tunnel both in the feeling of the song and the production, beginning the at one end as Moules voice echoes throughout then gradually making your way to the end and emerging in the light with the raucous drums and guitars crashing and clattering.

As a hard reset for the band, this is an incredibly well thought out and executed record. The band have harked back to their roots while improving on it, concisely setting out what they wanted to achieve in their production. The mix of styles and genres has certainly kept things open for what is to come from the Leeds outfit which is no bad thing but rather an intriguing prospect. While relying heavily on already recorded and released material is not ideal, the band have decided that this will be the jump off point for allusinlove.





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