Jesse Barnet’s side project, Trade Wind is the sombre and introspective outlet for the Stick To Your Guns lead singer. Barnett is able to delve deep into his emotions for better or worse in order to heal from life’s problems in order to move forward. This is apparent with the widely open lyrics that detail hurt and suffering that has Barnett has experienced during his life. What is also obvious is the vocalist’s unrelenting passion and love for music; constantly on the road and dedicating his life to the craft he craves.

Trade Wind has been a different creative process, having to step outside of the comfort zone. Working with different musicians has been an interesting experience for Barnett as he reveals, “It’s really cool. I mean it’s definitely frustrating, working with anybody on music is frustrating because everyone wants their ideas heard.” Friction can occur but Barnett believes that is the best way to create music, “everyone thinks their ideas are best but that’s what makes a good band, letting other people in and take your thing and be like “Okay well what if we tried this” and I feel like that’s where really the good shit happens is when you open up and you let someone else come in.”

“I can walk into a fucking studio with a goddamn fucking trumpet while riding a unicycle and screaming. I can do whatever the fuck I want…”

Trade Wind has been a project with no limits and an outlet to experiment with various musical elements that have been itching Barnett. “For me the thing that I love most about Trade Wind is the fact that there’s no musical ceiling on it at all, I can walk into a fucking studio when with a goddamn fucking trumpet while riding a unicycle screaming. I can do whatever the fuck I want.”

Trade Wind’s emotional character can lead Barnett in deep emotional places that can be hard to explore but he believes it is necessary for him mend and move on in life as a person, Trade Wind has been that vessel to visit those dark places. “I mean it helps me heal but it also have to go back and revisit things that are painful for me.”  Barnett unveils the stories that he faces when meeting fans, that can sometimes cripple him emotionally. “I’m very grateful for all of the support, having said that it’s overwhelming. You know it’s like people will come up to me and they kind of dump the stuff on me that’s so deep and so personal and a lot of it is so fucking painful and I don’t know where to put that.” The deeply personal lyrics that Barnett pours into his music relates to fans on a different level and that can be seen when vocalist and fan meet, “I hear some horrible shit that someone went through and I can’t stop thinking about it, it drives me crazy wishing I could take that away from them.”

“I’m willing to make compromises for people in my life to show them that I love them. But I’m not willing to compromise my music.”

Barnett’s personal problems have heavily influenced the album’s tone and mood. Barnett’s life revolves around music and always has done, “What I want to do is tour 365 days out of the year. I don’t know what it is but I just love it and I love: playing, writing songs, travelling, constantly moving. I love it. I know that it’s not that healthy but it’s just the number one thing that I love to do and I have yet to figure out how to have a healthy relationship with a woman or even be a good brother or a good son or a good friend while also wanting to do this thing that makes me feel whole and complete.” Barnett is not willing to compromise on the thing that he feels he was put on the planet to do after struggling to maintain a healthy balance of ‘home life’ while touring. “I’m not going to let anyone make me feel bad about it and I’m willing to make compromises for people in my life to show them that I love them. But I’m not willing to compromise my music.”

Trade Wind has been yet an outlet that has allowed Jesse Barnett to feel free without any restrictions while also being able to delve deep within himself to personally tackle some of the inner demons that face him in order to heal. The passion and dedication for his craft is inspiring while also being undeniably relatable through his lyrics and music. This is more than side a project, its a creative beacon, an emotional hub and healing mechanism for Jesse Barnett.




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