Five Albums and over a decade into their career, Motionless In White are well on their way to legendary status. But according to Frontman Chris Motionless, they’re nowhere near done yet…

Complacency is a disease. It’s a state where symptoms include pride and a inflated sense of self, and can easily induce one’s downfall. It’s a condition that has befallen many bands, especially Metal bands before now. But, in speaking with Chris Cerulli – ‘Chris Motionless’ to you and me – it’s clear that’s simply not an option for Motionless In White.“We draw inspiration from a lot of different aspects of the world, but one thing we do seem to be inspired most by is that self challenge,” he muses. “We always want to make sure we’re putting something out there that feels better than the last thing we did.” The band’s frontman is known for his unwavering passion that’s seen MIW through their fourteen year career, and as we discuss the band’s ambitions, it’s obvious that passion isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I do have to step back and realize we’re the old guys now, but I don’t see us like that…”

It’s a passion that makes the idea of putting out a “…half-assed” album a thought that doesn’t even bare thinking about, according to the 32 year old. “Who knows what can happen if you feel like you’re going downhill as a writer or as a band?! It might stall the momentum of our feelings towards to band and touring!” From this very spirit the band’s fifth album ‘Disguise’ was born. A record that pushes boundaries, there’s something familiar about it too. Its uniformity links Motionless back to their infamous 2010 debut ‘Creatures’. But also, as Chris admits, “[Graveyard Shift and Disguise] are the most alike two albums that we’ve ever put out.” It’s clearly a fact he’s proud of, any why shouldn’t he be? If nothing else, Motionless In White’s discography can be praised for its diversity. “That was a cool challenge in the sense that we’ve never really done that before”.

That conversation led into what kind of expectations were laid in the run up to Disguise. The answer was more somber than you might expect: “We definitely put a lot of pressure on ourselves, even more than anything outside label or fan expectation.” It’s an admission that sits heavy for Chris. He pauses before going on to say “It’s very important for us to try to go in there and not accept anything unless it’s 100% what we want and I think that’s just kind of the drive and mentality we have with everything that we do.”

“I go to shows and I see so many kids just loving every moment…”

That same drive and mentality has taken Motionless all over the world, ticketing off boxes on their Bucket List. Playing Warped Tour numerous times, top charting albums touring with the greats. However, when suggested that they are now one of those greats (Atreyu, Alexisonfire, Bullet For My Valentine) Chris simply chuckles, and hesitantly remarks “I do have to step back and realize we’re the old guys now, but I don’t see us like that”. It’s clear he’s reluctant to take the mantle, and who can blame him? It’s a big responsibility to take on. But one thing’s for sure, they’re a band dedicated to bring rock to the masses, not matter what level they see themselves at.

“I just don’t get it,” he declares at the idea that Rock is a dying medium. “I go to shows and I see so many kids just loving every moment.” It’s here, when Chris reiterates that “We’re just not willing to accept mediocrity within ourselves and just let things slip” he inadvertently describes the very essence of Motionless in White. A fiercely passionate and zealous band of music lovers that frankly the world needs more of. As Chris puts it himself, “I’m happy that after thirteen years that’s still very much true and I don’t know that that will ever change.”



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