Continuing with our Guide To SLAM DUNK series, we asked HOT MILK who their top 5 ‘must sees’ of the festival were, and this is what they said…



This tops all our lists this year, we think he’s doing something really cool and his tunes go so hard. We’re really hyped to see how they translate live and most importantly have a big old jump about especially to Blood // Water.


We’ve been wanting to see these guys since their inception and it’s never quite matched with our schedules! Stoked they are headlining our stage, they essentially came to us this time. We love how their doing something a little different, those brass sections are sick.


Another band we have been listening to for what seems like years but never have the opportunity to see. We’ve heard from friends they rip live so can’t wait to catch some of their set this weekend.


We love these guys and their new album. We have seen them so many times but for us it never gets old seeing them boys do their thing. Freshly back from the US and back on home soil, can’t wait to give them a homecoming boogie!


Coz you gotta get heavy sometimes. What a fantastic rising talent these guys are!!! Summer headbanging tracks for brutal fun. We like to mix it up a lot as we like a lot of different genres so these guys are a staple for us this weekend for sure.

Slam Dunk is Saturday 25th May in Leeds and Sunday 26th May in Hatfield.




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