Taking over the metalcore scene in Germany and bringing it to the world, Any Given Day are continuing their domination with the release of latest record ‘Overpower’, guaranteed to be a favourite of new listeners and long-time fans and a forthcoming UK tour. The album’s already a favourite among the band itself, and their pride in it shows. “We put our heart in it,” guitarist Andy Posdziech commented. “You can hear that we are on this record. It’s 100% Any Given Day.”

Fans will be hearing from his heart on the album, Andy told us, his proudest track, ‘Deafening Silence’ being his proudest due to personal contributions. “I’ve written a part of the lyrics. The part I’m singing is my lyrics….I love to have vocals on a song.” Speaking of the album, Andy summed up its message so succinctly: “’Overpower’ stands for pure energy…never give up and just get through it, even if it gets hard.”

“never give up and just get through it, even if it gets hard”

The band have been through a lot since their very beginnings in 2012, but the shared passion for music kept them going. This passion leads to perfectionism – an aspect that has grown since the release of their debut record ‘My Longest Way Home’. “We weren’t as critical as we are now,” Posdziech admitted. “We just wrote music and just recorded all of our riffs and didn’t think about it.”

So what is the difference between the group’s attitude towards their debut album and their recent album? “[We are] much more critical…We wanted to have the perfect result,” he continued. “We are five guys with all different views of how it has to sound. Sometimes, it was really hard to get on point for everyone.”

But compromise is the winning key to Any Given Day, Posdziech confirmed; saying that “it’s okay to be critical”. But they never let the hard work get in the way of having fun. “It’s the only way it should work…the best way for us….We’re not only a band,” he continued. “We’ve been friends for a long time…that’s what makes it different for us.”

“We love to play everywhere. It doesn’t matter where we are”

Friendship is just as important as criticism with these guys, and not just with each other. They’ve become friendly with many bands over the years; from supporting them on tour to playing festivals together, they have come to know – and love – a fair share. But they have a favourite: Bury Tomorrow. “We’ve had a lot of great shows with them,” Posdziech praised their rocker pals. “They’re friends of ours now. We’ve played so many shows together…it’s always a pleasure to share the stage with the guys.” There is an unexplainable sense of brotherly love between the two groups: “They took us to the UK…there’s something between us, if you know what I mean.”

Brotherly love may be strong here, but love for touring and visiting new places is much stronger for Any Given Day, and out of everywhere they have played in the entire world, they have a number one: “On the stage,” Andy joked, before carrying on to explain that picking a number-one place is not that easy for them. “It’s difficult. In Germany, we played a lot of cities…it’s always great to play at home….We love to play everywhere. It doesn’t matter where we are…it’s always great to play different places and different counties.”

Any Given Day’s new album ‘Overpower’ is out now via Arising Empire, available to order HERE. And UK fans should start getting excited for a return by Any Given Day this month, as they tour with Heart Of A Coward starting 4th June in Manchester. The band told us they are “absolutely excited” to come back, and we are too.

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