RATING: 8/10


If there are two words that will trigger automatic interest in a rock band, it is “quintessentially British”. That’s the wording used by up-and-coming progressive rock outfit Warmrain, and in all honesty, the rock is for sure British. Taking inspiration from classic British rock acts such – most notably, the indescribably fantastic Pink Floyd – Warmrain have taken on the concept of using emotional intensity and storytelling lyrics to attempt to recapture the impact that these styles and sounds had decades back. From the genius of frontman Leon Russell, the group managed to put together four in-depth and classically influenced tracks in an EP worthy of a nostalgia trip or a lazy Sunday chillout. Whichever mood comes to mind.

The EP opens with the title track, ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’, and the scene is set up within those short minutes. A cover of the Eurythmics hit from the 1980s, the band worked to establish what fuels them, in a musical sense. A closely similar cover is one way of showing thanks for the inspiration – however, the way Warmrain reworked the track and gave it that personal feel shows more than mere thanks. It’s such a fitting introduction to the EP, and its meaning to the group was deep enough to name the EP after it. That says more than they could possibly describe themselves.

“From the genius of frontman Leon Russell, the group managed to put together four in-depth and classically influenced tracks in an EP worthy of a nostalgia trip”

Past the first track, the music is all original and this is where the listener can see (hear) what lit the spark and got the group motivated to work on the music they care about and feel most passionate about. The track, ‘Shadowline Paradigm’ is what one would designate as the key original composition from ‘Here Comes The Rain Again’; if someone asked for a taste of this band before committing their time to the full record, this is the ideal way to introduce them. Opening with soft gentle vocals and gentle strums of the guitar, it is an easy-going track and almost a natural continuation from the first. If it blends well with the reworking of a previously released tune, then the influential power is undeniable from that point.

Clocking in at just over six minutes, it brings forward the sound of the soft rock section of the 1970s and 80s and holds the chance of bringing back the power this style had from 30-40 years ago. There is always room for a rock revival in any way, shape or form. And Warmrain are trying. There is something special about the EP’s closer, the eight-minute-long epic, ‘Clock Watching’. Opening with snippets of classic television voices, everything is gentle and there is a sense of solitude and self-isolation within the track. With ongoing clock ticking in the background and Russell’s vocals echoing into the distance, it doesn’t take too long for the track to build up and throw in striking riffs and a steadying yet dramatically suiting drumbeat.

“Warmrain has begun its revival of the progressive rock sound”

‘Clock Watching’ has been described as being a three-part track – and the listener can hear when one section ends and they go into the next. It’s a variety show of a song and the way it’s sewn together in one fits almost perfectly. Earlier, describing the EP as chillout music, this is the one perfect part that can be used to clear the mind. Everything is going on but at the same time, it’s not too busy to wreck the listener’s head. It soothes and it’s the most fitting end to a calming EP.

Warmrain has begun its revival of the progressive rock sound that the older generations once knew and have always loved, and surely secretly hoped would become as mainstream and notable as it once was. The sub-genre once came with such close emotional attachments and strong social and political messages, and that is what many people believe is lacking in more contemporary corners of rock. The messages and the closeness is still there but the impact to some has faded, weakened, and far from what it once was – so to bring back what many associate with way-back-when would be a great feat in itself.
As for Warmrain wanting to lead this revolution… let them. They know what they’re doing.











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