RATING: 7/10


Kitty Kat Fan Club. A playful name for a band with an overall likewise sound. Formed by Mike Clark and consisting of members from Just Friends, Hard Girls, Stickup Kids, and more, this seven piece has finally released a brand new full length album. ‘Dreamy Little You’ came from a desire to form a band that could get together, write music, and have fun. The result, at face value, is exactly that, Friends making music and having fun. But the twelve song record tires quickly and by the end of it all, you’ll forget what you just heard.

Here’s the thing, ‘Dreamy Little You’ isn’t a bad record. It’s a light hearted and energetic collection of songs that, individually, are just fine. It’s when you listen through the entire album, front to back, where the issues arise. The biggest qualm is the lack of variety. Every song, with the exception of ‘You Got Me Modernized’, has a very similar sound. A lightly distorted guitar, simple drum rhythms, and a 60’s era harmony between the vocalists echo on every track. Things change on the aforementioned ‘You Got Me Modernized’ though. There’s a bit more of an 80’s feel, venturing from the stylings of the rest of the album. The tempo is pushed, while the synth pulses and drums pound in the background. This record would have strongly benefited from having more songs like this one. Maybe not in the same style, but just to add variety.

” a light hearted and energetic collection of songs “

And again, the record itself isn’t bad. It’s hard to tell how long the band had to write each track and then record them, so the sound of the record can’t be faulted. And at the end of the day, the band accomplished exactly what they originally wanted. Create music with their friends and have fun doing so.

Lyrically, there’s nothing here that’s too deep or otherwise notable. However, ‘I Never Trained For a Marathon Before’ has a hint of an underlying deeper meaning. It could just be a reach, or a want for something deep, but the lyrics could easily be interpreted differently. What that could be is up to the listener to figure out. Other than ‘I Never Trained’ though, all the lyrics are fairly generic. There are a few notable lines, like in ‘This Curtain Call’, vocalists Brianda Goyos León and Catherine Jones give a shout out to a classic, singing “I remember singing the words to that song, the devil went down to georgia…”.

“inoffensive with a twinge of naivety”

Overall, this is a record to have playing in the background, or for a more specific example, maybe while spending some quality time with a loved one. But overall, this record is a simple, easy listening collection of very short tracks, with the longest run time being just over three minutes long. It takes no time to run through each song and hear everything Kitty Kat Fan Club has to offer. It is a bit forgettable though, with only a few songs sticking out after listening and that was mostly due to watching the accompanying music videos for them. But if easy going, simple melodies is what your after, this record is perfect. It’s inoffensive with a twinge of naivety.

And to entice the listener even more, 5% of sales from record will go to various cat and dog rescue groups including Coppers Dream and 13th Street Cat Rescue. Asian Man Records, the group behind ‘Dreamy Little You’ also donate 5% of all profits annually to various social justice groups including No Mas Muertes, Southern Poverty Law Center, and Legal Aid Justice Center. Kitty Kat Fan Club has created an upbeat album and even with its flaws can still be easily enjoyed in the right mood.



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