RATING: 6/10


Go For Gold released their debut album ‘Daydreamer’ today, and the Arkansas pop-punkers have certainly created a solid, if slightly uninspired pop-punk record. However there is no denying that it immediately elicits comparisons with several of their contemporaries, and Like Pacific and ROAM’s early work are the first to spring to mind, along with several other modern pop-punk bands.

The lyrics are standard angsty pop-punk fare (one example is parental frustration on ‘Father’s Day’), however the music behind them makes this a perfect summer album, as the guitars are bright and clean, and most of these songs would not be out of place on a stage at Slam Dunk festival, and definitely produce images of sunshine and hot weather. The band’s Arkansas upbringing is certainly a major influence on this album as it could be the soundtrack to an American teen summer movie, and emits the same vibes as early Sum 41 did in the American Pie films.

“most of these songs would not be out of place on a stage at Slam Dunk festival”

Spencer Vinson’s vocals without a doubt are similar to Jordan Black’s (Like Pacific) in the most complimentary way, they are the driving force behind each song, however this means that the album begins to falter when Go For Gold slow things down such as on ‘Invincible,’ as without the power of the full band behind him the vocals do begin to lose their strength, as his incredible voice works best when played off against the full complement of the band rather than on its own.

The highlights on the album come in the form of ‘Jade’ and lead single ‘In The End’. ‘Jade’ is a special standout because of the introductory palm-muted guitar and softer, quieter singing which leads well into the main body of music as it picks up through the chorus, and then repeats slowing down back into the verses, and demonstrates a versatility that is somewhat lacking from several of the other tracks on the album. ‘In The End’ was the first single released off of ‘Daydreamer’ and it is clear why, as it exemplifies a different style to Go For Gold’s regular pop-punk. It is an acoustic song with huge backing vocals which has the potential to be a crowd favourite in a similar vein to A Day To Remember’s ‘If It Means A Lot To You.’ ‘In The End’ certainly serves as an excellent album closer as it slows the pace down and leaves listener’s satisfied as the band finally live up to the potential shown elsewhere.

“poised to do bigger and better things”

This is an album of a band still in development, however it is obvious to see the potential that they have shown here, particularly on ‘In The End,’ and it looks like they are poised to do bigger and better things – it would not be particularly surprising to see a full US tour on the horizon and potentially over here in the UK and EU on a support tour or opening stages at festivals, especially if they continue to develop this potential over another album or two. The main obstacle to Go For Gold’s success at this point is getting out of Arkansas and making a name for themselves nationally, however if they do that and continue to work on their stronger aspects then this is a band to keep an eye on for the near future.



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