RATING: 8/10 

Becoming a household name and synonymous with the UK metal scene on the back of their sophomore 2017 release, The Warmth Of A Dying Sun, Woking’s Employed to serve aim to replicate their previous success with an attack on the broken social dynamics that so many are influenced by, in a toxic cycle of self-comparison and appraisal founded on the achievements and of those we don’t even know at the cost of our own wellbeing. NOW is the time for British metal.

Stand out single Harsh Truth presents Justine’s vocals across a lone percussion mirroring the alienation and isolation the track represents. Lyrically the track will be instantly recognisable from those familiar with mental health issues, with Justine tackling the smoke and mirrors reality of justifying the worth of your existence through the filtered online existence of others.

“It’s a statement against the narcissistic, ignorant and pretentious.”

Force fed is a statement against the narcissistic, ignorant and pretentious. The venomous delivery of Justine’s lyricism comes to a furious climax with the closing moments of the track seeing the frontwoman take a double tap approach alongside guitarist Sammy Urwin. Whilst the introduction for track reality filter could easily act as a narrated synopsis of the album, a statement of intent not be consumed in distractions from reality and disregard a world that decimated all self-worth.

Album closer, Bare Bones On A Blue Sky opens with an ethereal instrumental marriage between hardcore and shoegaze, eclipsing the violence of previous tracks in a blanket of hazy vocals and dreamy guitars only to come to cataclysmic call for every to open their eyes to reality.

Eternal Forward Motion comes out swinging, but each weighty blow isn’t thrown carelessly. The message of each track is delivered with brutal candidness, and the stead composure of a developed artist. Each track is as engaging as they are thought provoking with the grounded approach encompassing a thematic warning to the lost masses, to hold out hope and know your worth.



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