Yesterday Set It Off made a statement about the recent allegations of misconduct against their guitarist Dan Clermont. At the time they said they’d be “reviewing things” with the “utmost seriousness.” 

Today both band and Dan have issued statements via Twitter that state the guitarist will be taking a hiatus from the band.

On their band account Set It Off made the following statement “In light of the recent allegations regarding Dan Clermont, we have taken the necessary time to investigate this matter on both professional and personal levels before making a statement. We have jointly decided that he will be taking a hiatus and stepping away from Set It Off to spend time at home with his family and pursue this privately & legally.

Thank you to all our amazing fans for standing by us during this time.”

Clermont also issued a statement of his own, however, he has since made his Twitter account private and therefore the statement cannot be seen by those who do not follow him.

The statement read:

“I’m deeply pained and hurt by the allegations that have been brought against me on Saturday. I’ve taken the proper legal channels to prove my innocence and investigate why someone would bring forth these false allegations against me. With that said, both myself and my fiance feel that it is best to take some time away from the public eye and focus on moving forward from this. We will be following the advice of our legal counsel and pursuing appropriate action accordingly. I appreciate those of you who did not jump to conclusions and were respectful throughout this process. This has been very hard for all parties involved, so please respect myself and Sydney’s privacy for the time being.”

It’s unsure of if and when Dan will return to the band but as of right now, Set It Off are no longer working with Dan Clermont. 



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