For our final guest guide to SLAM DUNK we’re honoured to be joined by NEW FOUND GLORY, who told us who they’re most looking forward to seeing this weekend.

Watch out this Friday, when we’ll be publishing our very own guide to Slam Dunk in the build up to the festival.



CYRUS: I’ve been a huge fan of Lagwagon since before New Found Glory — they were one of the first punk bands that I got into thanks to one of my best friends that would jam Hoss all the time while we were riding in his car. Plus, their drummer Dave is a HUGE influence on my drumming…the way he plays so effortlessly is totally inspiring.


CYRUS: The connection between our bands goes back to the very beginnings for each of us — we played with Saves The Day in South Florida right as their first album was being released, and we went on to play tons of shows together, including some of NFG’s first big performances in New Jersey. Chris Conley and I were also almost born on the same day…both of us Pisces, but he was the (un)lucky one actually born on Leap Day of a Leap Year, which makes him like less than 10 years old, right?


CYRUS: To be honest, I don’t absolutely have to see them at Slam Dunk, only because right after Slam Dunk we’re going to have them on a tour with us in the US throughout the summer!  Although they’ve been around a few years and we’ve shared the stage at Warped Tour, I haven’t really watched them much, and I’m a fan of their music, so it’ll be great to not only see them a bunch, but also get to know them more while we’re out on the road together!


IAN: Millencolin are always a fun band to see. They are the only band with which I ever bought an album after reading a review in a magazine…Life on a Plate!


IAN: out of all the bands we have ever toured with, I have the most respect and love for them. Each member of this band feels like family to me. 


IAN: Anti-flag definitely put on a great show, plus Chris #2 likes hockey as much as I do!


JORDAN: I am very fond of a lot of UK bands so I’d like to see Boston Manor because I’ve listened to each of their releases since their EP and enjoyed them. I also like seeking out cool new bands (although they aren’t that new anymore) plus I tattooed the bass player’s brother when he was visiting California!


JORDAN: I would also like to see Angel Du$t for the sheer fact we’ve known a few of those dudes for a long time. I really like their new record so I’d like to see some of those newer songs live! Plus I love when newer bands that I like can pull off sounding like older bands that I grew up liking (Lemonheads baby!)

Slam Dunk is Saturday 25th May in Leeds and Sunday 26th May in Hatfield.




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